Three-Week Online Mastercam Classes for Teachers from CamInstructor, Inc.

Three-Week Online Mastercam Classes for Teachers Offered in August, October, November from Caminstructor, Inc.

CamInstructor, Inc. has developed three-week online courses for technology teachers who teach the Mastercam CAD/CAM program at middle and high schools, colleges and caminstructor, mastercamuniversities. The multi-faceted, interactive course offerings can help teachers who are brand new to Mastercam gain knowledge and confidence and for experienced Mastercam teachers who may need a refresher on certain aspects or acquire competence surrounding the new features in the latest release.

There are four courses from which to choose: Mastercam Mill 2D, Mastercam Mill 3D, Mastercam Lathe and Mastercam 4-Axis. Teachers come away with an understanding and best practices in teaching the comprehensive program including CAD wireframe geometry, the popular CAM toolpaths, solid model toolpaths, and dynamic and high-speed toolpaths. Upon completion of each course the teacher receives a Certificate of Completion; the Mastercam Training Guide to keep for reference; a Teacher Kit of lesson plans, presentations, quizzes and tests; and continual access to the online course for the next 12 months.

CamInstructor provides the Mastercam HLE Software for the class along with the resources mentioned, and while the duration of the course is three weeks, participants should be willing to spend just one to two hours per day on the material to be successful. Upcoming classes are scheduled for August 7 – 25, October 2 – 20 and November 27 – December 15.

In describing the course, Sheila Weidinger of CamInstructor said, “What’s different about this online training program compared to others is our proven, project-based method includes an instructor who dialogues with the teachers daily during the three-weeks, tailoring information for each participant and answering their questions. Further, for an online experience, we’ve made it feel as much like a classroom as possible with collaborative webinars in the mix. Our surveys consistently indicate a positive experience for the teachers and many return to take more courses.”

The webinars within the courses may be watched live at a scheduled time or accessed later so that a teacher can view it at his or her convenience. That is the primary advantage of online instruction as is evidenced in the growing online offerings by most higher education institutions today – flexibility for the student.

“Our team at CamInstructor is comprised of teachers. We understand their needs in the classroom and the most helpful tips and tools they can use,” said Ms. Weidinger. “Our understanding of Mastercam allows us to offer software support to them as well. Taking even just one of these classes is a rock solid, skill-building experience for them. One of the really great things that happens is the teachers who participate in the class often form a helpful network with each other that they can tap into for years to come.”

As an example, Daryl Curnutte, technology instructor at Sinclair Community College said, “I enjoyed the course and I truly learned a lot. I feel after taking this course that I will be able to teach my students basic Mastercam milling skills in 2D and hope to build upon this by taking additional courses in the future.”

For more details, including cost and how to sign up, please call CamInstructor at 877-873-6867, or visit their website.

More about CamInstructor

CamInstructor, Inc. is an experienced team of educators and industry experts specializing in teaching CNC Programming and Mastercam CAD/CAM Software. The company’s clients are technology teachers at the middle and high school, college and university levels; students; industry employers and employees. CamInstructor has been delivering online courses, textbooks, videos, courseware and training since 2007. While online training is becoming a common strategy for learning new skills, CamInstructor has taken it to the next level with a proven, four-pronged approach. By applying its expertise in teaching, the organization has developed tools to learn the core concepts of CNC Programming and Mastercam.