Scotchman Industries and Steelmax Tools Combine to Create SMX Industrial Solutions Supported by Emko Capital

Scotchman Industries and Steelmax Tools, two leading providers of steel fabrication equipment and solutions, announced today that they have joined forces to form the SMX Industrial Solutions group of companies with the investment support of Emko Capital. Under the SMX Industrial Solutions umbrella, Scotchman and Steelmax will both be able to bring a broader portfolio of industry-leading solutions to our customers while maintaining each company’s strong individual identity and expertise.

The new company will leverage Scotchman’s and Steelmax’s existing product portfolios, internal technology development and additional acquisitions to offer a comprehensive and expanding portfolio of steel fabrication tools and solutions to customers in a broad array of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and energy.

“We are excited to announce the combination of Scotchman Industries and Steelmax Tools and the immense potential this combination holds for these two companies, their communities and our customers,” said Kevin Allen, CEO of SMX Industrial Solutions. “This combination brings together two companies with long histories of product innovation and commitment to customer service. Together, we will offer our customers an even broader range of fabrication products and services, as well as the expertise and support they need to succeed.”

“For nearly 60 years, Scotchman Industries has provided world-class products and services to help our customers operate their shops as efficiently and profitably as possible,” said Jerry Kroetch, President and second-generation owner of Scotchman. “We believe that the combination of Scotchman Industries and Steelmax Tools will strengthen our roots as an American manufacturer and allow us to serve our customers and our community for the next 60 years and we look forward to being a part of that future.”

“Emko Capital is thrilled to support the combination of these two great companies, and we look forward to helping them achieve great things in the future,” said Dean Emmerton, Managing Partner of Emko Capital.

About Scotchman Industries

Scotchman Industries, based in Philip, SD, is a market leading manufacturer of hydraulic ironworkers, cold saws and hydraulic presses. The company has a legacy of more than five decades and is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

About Steelmax Tools

Steelmax Tools, with operations in Colorado and Pennsylvania, is a key supplier of fabrication and welding mechanization solutions, including magnetic drilling machines, plate and pipe bevellers and trackless and track-mounted welding carriages.

AboutEmko Capital

Emko Capital, with offices in Charlotte, NC, and Philadelphia, PA, is a leading middle market private equity firm specializing in investments in American industrial companies. With a strong belief in the value and strength of American manufacturing, Emko partners with business owners to create value and long-term success.

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