NTC Laser Joins Komatsu America Industries


The laser machine business of NTC America Corporation, commonly referred to as NTC Laser, will now join Komatsu America Industries LLC. This move took effect April 1, 2016. According to sources at both companies, the aim of the move is to provide improved sales and service support as well as new and innovative products to meet future customer needs.

NTC Laser, KomatsuBoth NTC America Corporation and Komatsu America Industries LLC are subsidiaries of Komatsu America Corporation, headquartered in Rolling Meadow, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

Komatsu Americas Industries LLC/NTC Laser will continue to provide high quality and reliable 3 and 5-axis laser processing machines for virtually all fabrication needs. That lineup includes the TLM Series of 5-axis, 3-dimensional laser systems ideal for cutting complex contours and shapes; the TLV Series 3-axis hybrid machines for large and wide workpieces; the TLX Series high-power 3-axis in cantilever and gantry configurations; and the TLH 5-axis fiber laser system. Each of the models feature high speed, flexibility and accuracy as their hallmark, and can accommodate a variety of workpiece configurations and sizes.

Effective April 1, 2016, Komatsu America Industries LLC/NTC Laser will become the sole source for all laser products in North America. Currently customer contacts for laser sales, service, support and parts will continue to remain the same.

About Komatsu America Industries:
Komatsu America Corp. is a U.S. subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd., the world’s second largest manufacturer and supplier of earth-moving equipment, consisting of construction, mining and compact construction equipment. Komatsu America also serves forklift and forestry markets. Through its distributor network, Komatsu offers a state-of-the-art parts and service program to support its equipment. Komatsu has proudly been providing high-quality reliable products for nearly a century. For more information, visit www.komatsuamerica.com.

About NTC Laser:
The Laser Group of NTC America is a leading manufacturer of 3 and 5 axis laser cutting and welding systems. The 2-dimensional, 3-axis series of machines feature high speed, flexibility and accuracy as their hallmarks. The 3-dimensional, 5-axis system is ideal for cutting and welding complex contours and shapes. For more information, visit www.ntclaser.com.