NRG / LEOSPHERE Tackle Air Pollution with WINDCUBE®

NRG Systems to Provide Advanced Lidar Solutions to Mitigate Air Pollution Transport in the Americas

NRG Systems, a global leader in the distribution and service of atmospheric remote sensing solutions, has announced today the U.S. launch of advanced Lidar solutions, introducing powerful new ways to resolve the critical air quality management challenges facing North America’s industrial and commercial sectors. Thanks to their ability to assess the specific nature offugitive industrial emissions with accuracy and in real-time, Lidars are recognized as an essential tool to mitigate the negative impact of air pollution transport on our communities.


This Lidar technology, called WINDCUBE®, can detect lower atmospheric wind transport conditions and industrial aerosol plumes simultaneously and in real-time, enabling the identification of the source, location, distance, altitude, and dispersion rates of potentially hazardous industrial emissions with a precision that was previously unachievable.

Whether it is used for improving the management of mineral dust transport generated by mining activities, or informing air pollution management strategies in large urban environments, WINDCUBE® is set to play a significant role in helping all organizations with an interest in detecting and quantifying airborne industrial aerosols to make intelligent decisions in the face of atmospheric uncertainty.

Efficient air quality management is one of the most important environmental challenges facing our country today. In 2015, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that an estimated 6.6 million tons of criteria pollutants were released into the atmosphere across America. Our remote sensing solutions will concretely enable research, industrial, commercial, and public institutions to cope with air pollution hazards byvisualizing their atmospheric risk,” commented Paul Drewniak, a meteorological industry expert with over 20 years of experience, who was recently recruited to head NRG’s new Lidar Meteorology Solutions business unit.

With remote sensing capabilities that range from 100m to 3km, 6km, or 10km, multiple scanning pattern choices, high resolution wind data, and aerosol structure capability, the system can capture volumetric profiles of wind speed, direction, and aerosol concentration, as well as boundary layer and cloud heights. These observations provide a detailed, 3D image of the atmosphere at high spatial and temporal resolution.

NRG Systems’ meteorological products are already in use by air quality management districts, environmental firms, research institutes, and governments in more than 150 countries. WINDCUBE® is a commercially proven technology that offers unrivalled scanning versatility and unmatched commercial performance.Whether for fence line monitoring of refineries, petrochemical, mining, or other industrial plants, or for wind reconstruction in support of dispersion mapping and modeling, WINDCUBE® provides highly accurate, mobile, and flexible technology with unsurpassed ease-of-use and configurability,” said Drewniak.

Earlier this year, NRG Systems secured a contract with the state of New York to supply 17 WINDCUBE®100S Lidar systems for the  New York State Mesonet, an advanced weather network dedicated to improving the detection and prediction of severe weather events. “Our immediate objective is to provide better early warning in advance of severe weather, but the benefits will go well beyond that,” explained Everette Joseph, director of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the University at Albany. “We will be able to help give guidance to a variety of interested industries, including transportation and energy. There will be significant economic benefit from having this network in New York State.”

WINDCUBE® Lidar solutions are designed and manufactured by French technology firm LEOSPHERE, and exclusively distributed in North America by NRG Systems. The technology, which is recognized as the best-in-class Lidar solution in academic communities worldwide, is an essential tool for all organizations dedicated to improving their atmospheric hazards control capabilities.

About NRG Systems
NRG Systems is a global leader in the distribution and service of atmospheric remote sensing products and intelligent solutions for the professional meteorology and renewable energy markets. NRG pioneered wind resource assessment more than 30 years ago, when the wind industry was just beginning. Today, the company serves multiple stages of meteorological, wind, solar, and enterprise solutions development—from academia to commercial operation. You’ll find NRG products in use by air quality management districts, environmental firms, research institutes, and governments in more than 150 countries. NRG Systems. We help you visualize atmospheric risk.

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LEOSPHERE is a global leader in Lidar atmospheric remote observation in markets such as wind energy, weather and climate, aviation weather, air quality, and industrial risk. The company develops and manufactures new turnkey remote-sensing instruments that allow wind measurement and aerosol detection. LEOSPHERE has deployed more than 750 Lidars throughout the world in severe environments with the same concern of reliability, reduction of operational costs for clients, and dedication to atmospheric hazards control.

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