Make Financing Simple and Hassle-Free with New App from Tech Financial Services

Tech Financial Services Releases Phone Application That Will Make Financing Simple And Hassle-Free

Tech Financial Services, a leader in machine tool finance, has launched a new phone tech financial servicesapplication that will help machine tool distributors and others in the field with various things including calculating payments, rates for certain projects, calculating cash savings using Section 179, and more.

The new phone application provides a comprehensive tool for machine tool salesmen and dealers to assist their customers in obtaining financing for any manufacturing project.  Not only can one find the most current rates, but also they can find a local contact on Tech Financial Services’ team located around the country to discuss any financing needs.

Additionally, the new phone app includes a tool to find out the cash savings when utilizing Section 179, as well as Tech Financial Services’ one-page credit application. To download the application simply access the Google Play store or Apple App Store, and search Tech Financial Services. More information about the phone application can be found on the website at or by calling your local contact at 414-224-0220.

About Tech Financial Services

Tech Financial Services, a division of Five Lakes Financial, has been an industry leader since 2003. Over the years, they have built their reputation and expanded their expertise to offer financing solutions to the finest manufacturing companies in the business. They proudly serve machine tool distributors, manufacturers, and end-user customers by providing a wide range of financing and leasing options and specialized business solutions. Given their experience, combined with their knowledge of the economic and organizational issues confronting machine tool customers, Tech Financial Services are able to provide the most competitive financing alternatives, and differentiate themselves from traditional lending sources. The experts at Tech Financial have over 50 years of combined experience in financing and leasing machine tool equipment.


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