KYZEN to Spotlight Two Solvents for Medical Device Cleaning at MD&M West

KYZEN, the global leader in innovative environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, will exhibit at MD&M West 2024, scheduled to take place Feb. 6-8, 2024, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The KYZEN clean team will discuss METALNOX M6093 and M6386, and the effective applications of both products in cleaning medical devices at Booth 3085.

KYZEN METALNOX solvent products improve reliability and increase the ease of cleaning medical devices in vacuum and vapor degreasing processes. They also serve as environmentally friendly drop-in replacements for HFE solvents and substances containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS.

METALNOX M6093 is a citric acid metal parts cleaning formulation designed to remove metal oxides, scale, rust, carbonaceous soils and other hard-to-remove industrial soils from metal parts in all immersion, spray, and manual brush applications. M6093 also provides safe passivation for stainless steel in addition to safely removing surface oxide film and tarnish colors from the surface of aluminum and copper. It is VOC free and compatible with most ferrous and cuprous metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, and rubber surfaces.

METALNOX M6386 is a modified alcohol-based solvent blend designed for use in automated vacuum degreasing parts cleaning machines that dries completely without leaving residues. M6386 cleans polar and non-polar oils in addition to coolants from steel, brass, aluminum, and all other metals. It is also effective on paraffinic and water-based oils, cutting fluids, and milling fluids used to forge and cast metal hardware, fasteners, and components.

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KYZEN is a global leader in providing environmentally responsible, RoHS compliant precision cleaning chemistries for industries ranging from electronics and advanced packaging to metal finishing and aerospace applications. Since its founding in 1990, KYZEN’s innovative cleaning technologies, scientific expertise and customer support have been repeatedly recognized with the industry’s most prestigious awards.

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