KHS Expands with Consumable Goods Department

KHS Expands its Portfolio: Consumable Goods Now  Available

  • New department for Innocoll and other consumable goods
  • Customer satisfaction and line optimization in focus
  • Suitable products for all KHS machines

KHS GmbH is getting some reinforcement: with immediate effect a new unit within the Service Products Department is to market consumable goods. The new team will be headed by Joachim Brzoska who previously managed the sale of consumables for KHS partner KISS. At his side will be Christian Schlichtenbrede who will supervise the expansion as head of Service Products. This means that as of now systems supplier KHS will not only sell packaging and filling systems, spare parts and maintenance but also consumables.


“KHS is a turnkey systems supplier. It’s thus only logical that we should bring the sale of consumable goods back under our roof,” says Joachim Brzoska, head of Consumables. In doing so KHS can rely not just on its new head but also on a large team of experienced service managers and engineers.


Adhesive for all machine types
The product range will initially comprise various types of cold glue and hot melt for labeling machines. “Our Innocoll products are perfectly designed for KHS machines,” explains Brzoska. In the future each new KHS machine will be directly supplied with suitable consumable goods in order to ensure uncomplicated commissioning of new lines. What sounds simple is actually very complex in practice; only with the right consumables can it be assured that everything runs smoothly right from the beginning.

Complex interaction for more performance
Brzoska thus finds good advice important. “The climate also plays a major role as regards glue needs, for example. We at KHS are familiar with the special requirements beverage producers have the world over and have a great deal of expertise in consultancy. We know exactly which adhesive is best suited to which climate zone and which local machine.” Aspects such as the optimization of glue consumption and performance are also an issue when providing advice. “Those who use inexpensive glue can soil the machine and cause it to malfunction,” says Brzoska. Using the right type of adhesive, on the other hand, boosts line efficiency and thus satisfaction among end customers. Beverage producers also profit indirectly from the merger. “The market today is extremely dynamic. Should new challenges arise in labeling, we can react flexibly as KHS and quickly develop a new adhesive in close cooperation with the machine manufacturers.”

Experienced team for new tasks
Well trained in this area of application, business administration graduate Brzoska can fall back on many years of experience. He has worked with glues and adhesives for over 30 years. He is happy to apply his knowledge to the beverage industry as “especially in the last few years machines have developed considerably, becoming faster, more flexible and more powerful.” At the same time cost pressures have steadily increased. Together with KHS customers Brzoska aims to face these challenges at all levels.

His colleague Christian Schlichtenbrede studied electrical engineering and can also look back on almost 30 years in the trade. He worked for many years at the KHS factory in Kleve, moving to Dortmund in 2008 where he is now responsible for the Service Products Department. The two experts are looking after the new unit together. “We’re convinced that pooling our expertise will benefit the customer,” smiles Schlichtenbrede. Setting up a new sales department with tasks as diverse as these is a challenge which Schlichtenbrede approaches with confidence. “We of course have enough to do,” says the expert. “However, we’ll have the entire KHS Service team to help us. We can thus assign tasks to the right people.”

The product portfolio at the new Consumables Department also includes one-way kegs from PETAINER®. “We also have lots of experience in this field as a manufacturer of the respective filling machines,” states Brzoska. In the future cooperation with the producer of this special PET packaging will be further intensified. This is not all, however. “We’re also working on further expanding our range of consumables,” concludes Brzoska.

About KHS Group
The KHS Group is one of the leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries. The KHS Group includes the following companies, among others: KHS GmbH, KHS Corpoplast GmbH, KHS Plasmax GmbH and NMP Systems GmbH.

KHS GmbH manufactures modern filling and packaging systems at its headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, and in Kleve, Bad Kreuznach and Worms. The KHS Group’s PET expertise is pooled at KHS Corpoplast and KHS Plasmax in Hamburg, Germany, where light PET packaging and innovative coating systems are developed and produced. NMP Systems GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KHS GmbH based in Düsseldorf in Germany, designs and markets new, resource-saving packaging systems for PET bottles.

The Group has an international production and service network. In 2015 KHS was awarded the Top 100 seal of approval for exceptional innovative power and outstanding innovative success among German SMEs. In 2015 the KHS Group and its 4,871 employees achieved a turnover of around €1.17 billion within the Salzgitter consolidation. The companies in the KHS Group are 100% subsidiaries of the MDAX-listed Salzgitter AG corporation.

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