Jerames Industries Launches New Website

Jerames Industries, a leading manufacturer of complex tolerance-critical parts, tooling, fixtures, dies, and assemblies, announces the launch of its newly updated website. This new website expands the story of Jerames Industries and details their unique approach to the difficult projects other machine shops turn away.

“It was time to get the word out about our ability to problem solve challenging projects and provide our customers with cost-effective and workable solutions,” said Gary Sanchez, President of Jerames Industries. “This new website provides a much easier user interface, allowing our visitors to identify what they need and receive the quality parts they require,” added Sanchez.

The new website includes separate sections that provide additional details about Jerames’s QualityEquipment, and Parts. Their Blog offers insights into various aspects of machining. More information can also be found on their downloadable flyer, and on their About Us page.

Since 1974, Jerames Industries’ commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and on-time delivery has made them a preferred provider to business partners in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, electronics, naval, medical/dental, automotive aftermarket, and other commercial industries.

Their experienced team works diligently to resolve any technical, material, or manufacturing challenge. They are committed to providing each of their customers with the same exceptional service, high-quality workmanship, fast delivery, and personalized attention.

As a woman-owned small business, they specialize in complex machined parts, tooling, fixtures, and assemblies.

For more information, contact Gary Sanchez at (619) 334-2204, or via email at

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