Helios Gear School 2023 Registration is Open

After 33 years, over 1,500 educated attendees, and 68 facility tours the Helios team is excited to continue to help manufacturers build shops full of gear experts by hosting the 2023 Helios Gear School. The seminar course is designed for entry-level gear manufacturing personnel including manufacturing management, industrial engineers, supervisors, set-up technicians, operators, and quality control. This intensive three-day program covers the basics of gear manufacturing from cutting to finishing, then through final inspection. With a limited class size of 35, this course provides the optimum learning environment for attendees new to the industry and those with experience in need of a refresher.

Nathan from General Motors describes the course as an excellent experience, mentioning that the “instructors were very friendly, and it was nice to see a wide variety of equipment and processes.” Beyond the classroom the course features machine demonstrations at Helios Gear Products, and immersive plant tours at Forest City Gear and Overton Chicago Gear. “They did a great job including everyone, making it an interactive class, and the tours were a great addition” says Harrison of Amarillo Gear. The 2023 course features 6 industry-expert instructors including Adam Gimpert, David Harroun, Jason Spitzer, and Michael Weas of Helios, and Shane Hollingsworth of Kapp-Niles to offer a wide variety of perspectives and operational experiences.


Helios Gear Products specializes in the parallel axis gear industry, offering machines, consumable tools, and automation systems for gear hobbing, worm and thread milling, shaping, power skiving, and deburring and chamfering. Our expert team also offers cutting tool and abrasive tool technical support, including engineering, service, and comprehensive gear manufacturing consultation. With a wealth of global expertise in gear engineering, Helios supports today’s manufacturers by scaling productivity and efficiency. Helios Gear Products, LLC services the North American market for YG Tech, Monnier + Zahner / Lambert−Wahli, Tecnomacchine, and Tyrolit−MIRA. Helios also offers cooperative sales and service with Kapp Technologies and Penta Gear Metrology.