GF Machining Solutions Invests in North American Medical Manufacturing

Underscoring its commitment to the support of advanced medical manufacturing, GF Machining Solutions has established a Medical Center of Competency and has appointed a new Medical Business Development Manager, Donn Wuestenberg, to head its operations. The new center, scheduled to open later this year in Lincolnshire, Illinois, will provide medical manufacturers in North America with comprehensive applications support along with world-class production technologies that include precision milling, EDM, laser texturing, micromachining and automation.

At the center, manufacturers will have access to the GF Machining Solutions sales and service as well as industry-leading medical application support teams. With extensive experience in the manufacture of complex, high-precision parts, the company will provide strategies and technologies for improving the production of medical instruments, orthopedic and trauma implants, consumables, dental parts, packaging, and more.

According to Wuestenburg, the new Medical Center of Competency will provide the perfect environment for collaboration between GF Machining Solutions, its medical customers, and key industry partners. “Together,” he said, “we can identify and focus our efforts on those transformational projects that will further advance the medical manufacturing industry sector. These collaborations will also help spur the development of new and refined machines and technologies that will keep North American medical manufacturers moving forward and competitive.”

Wuestenburg brings more than 20 years of manufacturing experience with a strong focus on working collaboratively with key technology partners to his new position at the center. He is a Master Electrician and Journeyman Industrial Electrician and possesses extensive expertise in plant production, project design, die/mold, and production machinery for medical parts.

To schedule a consultation with an expert at our medical Center of Competency, contact Donn directly at

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