Find Out What You Can Make Possible at ESAB FABTECH Exhibit

Demonstrations and displays include welding cobots, next-generation heavy industrial systems, pulsed MIG, TIG aluminum, new welding software, automated plasma cutting, portable welders and much more. 

What can you make possible with ESAB®?Join ESAB product managers and experts for hands-on and static demonstrations of ESAB’s newest manual and automated fabrication, welding equipment, cutting equipment, filler metals, PPE and software in booth B20063 at FABTECH 2023 in Chicago, September 11 – 14.

Hands-on Highlights in the Booth – New this Year

  • Welding automation. Programming demonstrations of the ESAB Cobot that prove it takes just seconds to teach a welding path using a software app that runs on a standard smart phone or tablet. The ESAB Cobot costs a fraction of a pre-engineered robot cell, does not require a programmer, deploys in a matter of hours and helps fabricators increase productivity by 200 to 400%.
  • Next generation heavy industrial system. The next-generation Warrior® Edge 500 CX multi-process pulsing power source and RobustFeed Edge CX wire feeder offers premium welding results without complexity. Synergic control, quick job buttons, RFID operator management and TrueFlow digital gas control technology enable fast and consist results. Warrior Edge also has built-in connectivity and comes with a subscription to the InduSuite WeldCloud Fleet online software application.
  • Connectivity. InduSuite will launch WeldCloud Assembly, merging weld procedure and traceability from WeldCloud Notes and weld session data from WeldCloud Productivity. WeldCloud Assembly allows work to be done in the field with smartphones and tablets, which gives immediate feedback to those responsible for quality assurance, project owners and contractors and subcontractors.
  • Light industrial leadership. The Rogue EM 190 PRO features a 5-in. TFT LCD display that enables users to set advanced functions, such as synergic control to easily set and maintain optimized welding parameters and eliminate the guess-work associated with traditional controls.
  • Battery welder. The Renegade™ VOLT™ ES 200i Stick/TIG welding system is powered by DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® batteries and can weld up to 30 Stick electrodes or TIG weld for 50 minutes on a single battery charge. Renegade VOLT offers a maxiumum welding output of 150A on battery power. It also connects to 115/230V AC primary power and provides a maximum welding output of 210A on 230V primary.
  • TIG aluminum. ESAB will release a water-cooled package for the Rebel™ EMP 205ic AC/DC. Water-cooled torches are smaller, more maneuverable and more comfortable to use.
  • Oxy-fuel cutting. The always-popular Victor® oxy-acetylene torch cutting contest enables booth visitors to test their cutting speed and skill.

Experts and Static Demonstrations in Booth

  • Orbital TIG. Designed for applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, nuclear and other premium pipe fabrication operations, the M217 and M317 from Arc Machines Inc. (AMI) contain the most modern controls and interface technology to simplify automated welding.
  • Automated cutting machine. The Combirex Pro now features dual linear rails on the cross beam, heavy-duty crane rails mounted on H-beams for Y axis movement and a redesigned side carriage that increases maximum travel speeds to 1,400 ipm (35,560 mm/min). The Combirex Pro enables users to cut a 10-ft. (3m) plate, even if the machine is equipped with a DMX Beveler and a water table. ESAB’s SmartCycle 2.0 technology also includes enhancements to several different software systems that shorten cycle times, increase machine motion efficiency and thus reduce cost per part.
  • CNC controller.The new Vision T6™ is an operator-friendly controller that reduces the learning curve so employees can become productive with minimal training. The Vision T6 features a multi-touch, high-definition panel with swipe-to-zoom, drag-and-drop, a home button and other user-friendly functions for quick access to a full range of features and capabilities that enable operators to select and edit programs, create nests, locate parts on a plate, and cut from the controller.
  • Bulk wire drum. The new Marathon Pac™ Ultra 1,100-lb. bulk welding wire drum holds 22% more wire than the previous ESAB drums and 100 lbs. more than competitive drums, providing an additional 8 to 16 or more hours of welding time.
  • Automated plasma power sources. Thermal Dynamics Automation’s new UC Series of high-precision automated plasma power supplies offer outputs ranging from 130 up to 800A for maximum productivity, cut quality, and reliability for piercing mild steel up to 50 mm (90 mm edge start) and stainless steel up to 100 mm (160 mm edge start). Two power sources can be connected to double cutting output or they can operate independently.
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