Fabrico Integrates Converted Materials and Adhesives

…for More Robust Product Assembly

fabricoLogoFabrico, the leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials and advanced assembly, combines a smarter use of adhesives with sophisticated materials converting for more advanced product assembly strategies.

For Fabrico and their colleagues at Light Fabrications, adhesive materials hold the key to improved product/process, staff utilization, and ultimately cost control.

Examples include:

• Using die-cut low-tack adhesive sheets to protect new clothes washers and dryers during distribution and sales. Introducing removable adhesive sheets during final product assembly that are die-cut to fit the molded control panel keeps appliances in pristine condition for the final customer.

• Preparing acrylic foam tape for automotive body side molding with a sophisticated release liner system that prevents the exceptionally long part from adhering to itself during application. Both part and liner system are manufactured together in one seamless die-cutting step.

• Upgrading a manual process for applying die-cut VHB™ tape to semi-automated roll dispensing, incorporating tape, release liner, and protruding lift tabs.

Examples of more efficient product assembly due to better use of materials span all industries and applications, but boil down to one critical objective: the need to enhance, accelerate, and simplify the manufacturing of industrial and consumer products. Through knowledge of materials, adhesives, and product design, as well as extensive prototyping, testing, and manufacturing capabilities, Fabrico and Light Fabrications bring not only component level solutions to their customers, but opportunities for advanced assembly solutions that provide vast improvements in product performance, employee well-being, and profitability.

Fabrico’s in-house test facilities ensure that the end product meets the most demanding specifications for size, weight, and durability. Fabrico’s capabilities include precise part dimension measurement and verification, adhesive and release liner testing, dielectric testing, and thermal testing.

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About Fabrico
Fabrico is the market leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials. Fabrico has developed a track record of solving unique challenges and providing sound customer solutions. The company offers a wide range of custom fabrication services including product engineering, material sourcing, prototyping, converting, laminating, complex printing, custom die cutting, rotary die cutting, water jet cutting, laser cutting, assembly, and performance packaging. Fabrico’s Advanced Assembly capabilities apply design-for-manufacturing principles to complex, high-value projects in demanding markets that include electrical/electronics, medical, military/aerospace, power generation, renewable energy, and transportation. Fabrico is located in Kennesaw, GA, USA and is a division of EIS. 
Fabrico is a trademark of EIS, Inc.