CHIRON America Announces Dirk Zikeli CEO

CHIRON America, Inc. Announces Dirk Zikeli as New Chief Executive Officer

Having 25 dedicated years of service within CHIRON, Mr. Zikeli brings with him a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the machine tool industry. Mr. Zikeli previously served as CHIRON America’s Chief Operating Officer, and was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer by the board of directors. Former CEO, Mr. Crispin Taylor, will now serve as Managing Director of STAMA in Schlierbach, Germany.


“I am very excited about this opportunity to serve our customers, dedicated  employees, distributors and industry specialists that promote the quality products and services provided by CHIRON. It is a great honor to accept this  position,” says Zikeli. “With the current momentum of onshoring in American manufacturing, we’re seeing new opportunities for CHIRON to expand into new markets that depend on our highly-skilled workforce and innovative production techniques. It is a great time to be in the American machine tool industry.”

Mr. Zikeli was born and raised in Tuttlingen, Germany, and joined CHIRON in 1986 through an apprenticeship program. He moved to Charlotte, North  Carolina in 1994 as part of the leadership team that established CHIRON’s presence in North America. Mr. Zikeli became a United States citizen in 2010,  and recently earned his MBA from McColl School of Business.

Established in 1921, CHIRON-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany, is a world leader among suppliers of vertical machining centers and employs more than 1,300 people worldwide. CHIRON America, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides the machining centers with full turnkey  systems for markets in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and maintains an extensive international network of service and distribution companies.

Customers include industry leaders in automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical, and consumer products.

Three brands, each possessing their own expertise and unique capabilities; but with a shared vision for proven manufacturing success: Efficiency.

While today’s commodity machining center is quite often offered as “A solution,” equally available to both you and your competitor, our priority lies solely in your own individual success. Solutions, as we currently know them, merely address a specific challenge. As a partner in achieving your manufacturing goals, we only develop the most profitable process, intended to make you an ongoing leader in your field. This process embodies all of the critical factors that exemplify efficient productivity: speed, quality, precision, footprint, personnel competence, application optimization, installation, 24/7 support, spare parts availability and many more important variables, far too numerous to mention.

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