BLM Brings Tube & Sheet Fabricating FABTECH 2016


BLM GROUP USA, a global leader in the manufacture of tube and flat sheet processing solutions will display its wide range of fabricating equipment in booth N6300 at FABTECH 2016, November, 16-18, 2016, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


The company will demonstrate the LC5 tube and sheet fabricating machine, the LT-FREE fiber laser tube cutting machine for cutting 3-dimensional parts, as well as the E-TURN and 4-RUNNER tube bending machines.

LC5 is a compact laser machine that can be equipped with either a CO 2 laser source with a power up to 4.5 kW or a fiber laser source with a power up to 5 kW. It is the only high production machine with automatic loading and unloading that can process both tube and flat sheet in a single machine. The LC5 can handle tube up to 334″ in length and 4.75″ in diameter. The processing of sheet metal is fully automatic and allows for sheet up to 78″ x 236″. The fiber laser is ideal for cutting both mild steel and highly reflective materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.

The LT-FREE is a five-axis, fiber laser system designed for cutting three dimensional formed or shaped parts such as bent tubes, hydroformed tubes, welded assemblies and stamped or flat sheets. The LT-FREE, with powers up to 3 kW, table dimensions of 59″ x 39″and axis stroke to x= 116″, y= 37″ and z= 29″, is ideal for cutting mild steel, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

The E-TURN 32 tube bender can handle tube up to 1.18″ dia. and will be equipped with a Kawasaki robotic arm. This all-electric tube bender can bend a variety of tube configurations including round, square, rectangular, flat-sided, oval and elliptical. Tube can be automatically loaded, bent and unloaded all in one machine.

The 4-RUNNER tube bender and end-forming machine can be configured as a dedicated tube bender for a specific production application or a complete process that includes straightening from coil, bending, end-forming and cut off. With a footprint of 13.08ˈ x 7.17ˈ x 6.17ˈ, the 4-RUNNER is ideal for machining small to medium sized tubes and can bend tube to 0.875″ diameter with accuracy to ± 0.05″on the linear axis and ±0.05° on the rotational axis. The unit comes standard with 2.76″ maximum bending radius, and an “increase bend radius” option is available.

BLM GROUP is a global leader in tube processing solutions. Its product line includes laser cutting, cold sawing, bending, end-forming and wire bending machines. With more than 50 years of tube experience and thousands of applications, the BLM GROUP is a leader in the manufacture of tube fabrication equipment.

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