Automated Precision, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years of Wireless Metrology Innovation

Automated Precision, Inc. (API), a global leader in metrology solutions, proudly marks a decade of delivering the fastest, most accurate wireless Laser Tracker and probe combo in the industry. With a relentless commitment to innovation, API has revolutionized the field of metrology since its inception.

Renowned for their cutting-edge metrology solutions, API has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. Founded on the first prototype of the Laser Tracker, API has carried forward its mission of pioneering advancements, exemplified by the groundbreaking laser interferometer for 6DoF Machine Tool Calibration and Dynamic 9D LADAR for high-speed non-contact scanning. The spirit of innovation remains deeply ingrained in API’s culture, driving continuous improvements in their Laser Trackers.

API’s unwavering dedication to meeting customer needs has played a vital role in their technological advancements. By actively listening to their customers’ real-world challenges, API has developed faster, more portable trackers, intelligent targets and probes, and highly efficient handheld scanners. This customer-centric approach has fueled their drive to innovate and revolutionize the metrology industry.

In 2013, API unveiled the industry’s first wireless tracker and probe combo, the OmniTrac and vProbe. This landmark solution reshaped the possibilities of metrology by offering unparalleled freedom of movement and versatility. Building upon this significant milestone, API has consistently strived to refine and enhance their wireless metrology technology.

Throughout the years, API has continuously elevated the performance of their wireless tracker and probe combination, achieving notable advancements in areas such as battery life, measuring speed, probe tip recognition, target recapture, and more. These ongoing enhancements have culminated in the creation of the Radian Plus and vProbe, establishing them as the epitome of wireless metrology solutions worldwide.

“API’s 10-year journey in wireless metrology stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Kam Lau, CEO of Automated Precision, Inc. “Our relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries in metrology has made our wireless tracker and probe combination a game-changer across industries worldwide. We eagerly anticipate continuing our legacy of excellence in the years ahead.”

As API celebrates a decade of wireless metrology excellence, the company not only remains devoted to empowering manufacturers with state-of-the-art metrology solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, but has brought back popular bundles of Radian Plus and vProbe at their lowest prices ever.

About API

For more than 30 years, API has pioneered advancements in laser-based metrology equipment for industrial inspection and calibration. API is continually developing products to deliver innovation and automation to the manufacturing floor.

API’s advanced 6DoF Laser Trackers, Scanners, and 9D LADAR provide customers with tools to complete complex production tasks with next-level speed and efficiency. Our customers can perform in-line inspection, automated measurement, and precision robot verification to increase production and decrease costs.

API is a partner to our customers, providing Integrated Metrology (iM) solutions for real-world manufacturing environments and automation.

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