Aerospace Special Process Suppliers Summit 2023

Aerospace Special Process Suppliers Summit (ASPSS) is a B2B event exclusively reserved for professionals of the surface technologies industry.

ASPSS is based on BCI Aerospace’s state-of-the art matchmaking program. The focus is put on chemicals and all capabilities and technologies that enhance surfaces aimed at applications in aerospace and defense: anodizing, coating, finishing, heat treating, and more.

Scores of engineers, supply chain, product development specialists from Boeing, LMI Aerospace and other national and international OEMs and manufacturers will attend again in 2023.

Aerospace Special Process Suppliers Summit will be held at the St Charles Convention Center near St Louis, MO on October 10-12, 2023.

Join this informative webinar on Mar. 7 at 11:00AM EST to learn more about ASPSS and how you can participate.  Register Now: Click here…