The 8 Forms of Waste in Lean Manufacturing

The 8 Forms of Waste in Lean Manufacturing

Synchrono® paper examines each type of waste and how it may be addressed through the hidden benefits of modern eKanban software

Synchrono®, the leader in modern demand-driven manufacturing software and synchronization technology, today released a new InSync paper, The 8 Forms of Waste in Lean Manufacturing.

The method of Lean Manufacturing is based on the relentless elimination of waste in manufacturing and efforts toward engaging in ongoing continuous process improvement. In working towards those ends, Lean practitioners have identified 8 forms of waste in manufacturing environments:

  1. Overproduction
  2. Waiting
  3. Inventory
  4. Transportation
  5. Over-processing
  6. Motion
  7. Defects
  8. Workforce

There are many ways to eliminate these 8 forms of waste, however, when comparing the level of effort to potential return, eKanban software is one of the most attractive Lean solutions available. eKanban, or electronic Kanban, is an automated, pull-based inventory replenishment system based on actual demand or consumption. In the most simplistic terms, it works like this: Parts are scanned into the system when received or consumed, sending real-time notifications to suppliers for replenishment. The “pull” or “demand” is created upon the actual consumption of materials, keeping on hand inventory at minimal levels (eliminating waste associated with excess inventory).

Having installed eKanban solutions around the globe, Synchrono has uncovered a variety of hidden benefits of the software that effectively address each form of waste. The 8 Forms of Waste in Lean Manufacturing, exposes these hidden benefits, offering insight, metrics to monitor and more, including how to:

  • Reduce the amount of cycle time materials spend in the queue (up to 90%) by learning how to measure and accelerate “Queue turns”
  • Reduce the need to expedite materials and the number of steps required to process individual orders
  • Automatically adjust inventory levels based on real-time demand
  • Monitor first-in, first-out (FIFO) procedures to reduce scrap
  • Transform purchasing into a more strategic function

The paper also references customer case studies where waste elimination measures have been applied using SyncKanban eKanban software from Synchrono.

The 8 Forms of Waste in Lean Manufacturing is available for download at For a demonstration of SyncKanban eKanban software, please visit

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