Investments in conventional deep hole drilling machines can be very expensive. SOMEX, a member of the Suhner Group, now offers custom made deep hole drilling solutions capable of drilling up to 12mm diameters and as deep as 100x the diameter. These modules can be integrated directly into transfer machines, special purpose machines or conventional machines such turning machines. The potential for cost savings is substantial.

In recent years, SOMEX has devoted considerable R&D time and capital resources to develop its deep hole drilling techno-logy, according to company sources.

In addition to standard MAX machining units, SOMEX can now offer peripheral components. Thanks to its modular component concept, SOMEX can provide customized turnkey, small and economical deep hole drilling machines.

SOMEX routinely conducts tests with actual tools and material to prove out the design and performance of its customized deep hole drilling solutions. Tests are done at the factory, using specific production tools under real production conditions. SOMEX uses single cutting edge and carbide spiral drills up to 70x the diameter. Using this approach, SOMEX can stand behind the design and performance and thus deliver practical and realistic results to its customers.

The deep hole drilling process typically requires either a pilot-drill 1.5x the diameter or a drill guide bushing, which is then followed by the deep hole drilling process.

The unique SOMEX design concept combines the guide bushing with a chip basket, allowing both items to travel in unison. The movement of the guide bushing is air-driven, which helps to provide a much closer contact to the part while preventing the escape of the coolant medium. For longer deep hole drilling applications, it may be necessary to integrate a support bushing to stabilize the deep hole drilling tool.

The degree of accuracy in a deep hole drilling application measured in the deviation from the theoretical part center line is greatly enhanced by a slow part rotation in a counterclockwise direction.

For deep hole drilling applications above 18mm diameters, SOMEX has the option to equip its MAX machining units with drilling systems from BTA- or EJEKTOR lines. In these applications, the coolant and chip management is accomplished through the spindle center. The emulsion is collected at the backend of the spindle, filtered, and pressurized to re-enter the coolant system. This solution is often used in high-volume precision parts manufacturing such as automotive and other industries.

Newly Designed Version of BEX 15

Suhner Industrial Products (Rome, Georgia) introduces its machining unit BEX 15 with maximum spindle speed up to 23,000 RPM, thus offering higher speeds and improved production inline. Standard variations are equipped with electric motors of 0.55 kW, 0.75 kW and 1.5 kW. An adapter flange is designed for the installation of multiple spindle heads and angle heads.

A new style timing belt drive multiplies the motor speed up to 13,050 RPM spindle speed. An AC inverter drive is used to increase the spindle speed up to 23,000 RPM at 87 Hz. Standard motor mounting on BEX 15 machining spindles is in the rear. Optional front motor mounting is available upon request. Additional optional features include frequency converter and direct drive servomotor.

The machining unit BEX 15 can be applied in axial and radial orientation, directly mounted to a Suhner linear slide assembly Type UA15-PH or UA15-CNC. In this combination, numerous operations such as milling or demanding drilling cycles including jump or peck feed can be accomplished easily.

Four optional toolholder systems (Collet ER25, ISO30, HSK50 and Weldon), standard air purge connections for spindle and belt housing including a number of additional options (for example, coolant through the spindle or automated tool change features) make this machining unit type BEX 15 adaptable and an optimal choice for demanding and specific inline machining requirements. BEX 15 with HSK spindle includes an integrated 4-point clamping system form C, for manual tool clamping.

Drilling Units for Value-Priced Production Use

Suhner introduces the ECONOmaster® line of drilling units, affordably priced at under $3000 for the basic unit, in stock for immediate delivery or customizable to suit the particular operation. This economical solution is ideal for multiple materials such as light metal, wood, composite, plastic, and foam. Because these units are entirely produced at the Suhner factory in Rome, Georgia, response times for delivery and customized construction are minimal, according to Division Manager Lee Coleman. “We recognized the need to bring our global technology to a local level, here in America, and the ECONOmaster® is a key step in that process.”

The ECONOmaster® drilling unit features low power and air consumption, adjustable motor housing, adjustable total stroke up to 4-inches, hydraulic feed control cylinder, J33 taper spindle end, 0-1/2-inch drill chuck, electric front & rear position limit switches, belt tensioner and chrome-plated quill. Basic unit weight is 45 pounds.

Other key features include adjustable feed stroke of ½-3-inch, 400 pound thrust at 85 psi, operating pressures to 110 psi, TEFC/IP56 protection, standard 230V/460V, concentricity of .002-inch TIR, speed ranges to 9600 RPM and an air connection retract/advance of ¼-inch to 27 NPT.

ECONOmaster® drilling units can be supplied with an adjustable stand, inline vertical configuration and multiple spindle heads for medium-duty production drilling, with many other spindle options and toolholders available. Please consult the factory in Rome, Georgia.

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