With SINAMICS DriveSim Basic, Siemens presents a new software solution, with which drives and their behavior in machines and plants can be simulated, adapted and optimized. With this new solution, Siemens offers a quick and easy entry into the drive simulation and enables machine and plant manufacturers to accelerate their own development phase.

SINAMICS DriveSim Basic bridges the gap between logical and mechanical simulation. The application focus is on simulation support of the customer application, i.e., the components that interact with the drive. The simulation provides answers to drive questions even before a concrete product selection has been made.  For the virtual commissioning of the PLC control with known Profidrive telegrams or complex mechanics on the virtual drive shaft, the model provides a reliable representation of the drive system in the required level of detail.

One possible application scenario is the coupling of the PLC and the mechanical model via SINAMICS DriveSim Basic. The calculated load profiles can then be loaded into the TIA Selection Tool or SIZER and a drive selection can be made. The required drive parameters and interfaces known from the real world are available for the simulation.

Users configure only the part of the drive that is needed for simulation purposes — and a time-consuming complete virtual commissioning of the drive is not required — ultimately saving time and costs. The models in SINAMICS DriveSim Basic seamlessly link to the existing drive documentation and have been validated against real SINAMICS drives using the same test vectors.

For easy handling, SINAMICS DriveSim Basic is available as a standardized Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) model. The software offers the same FMU file for every SINAMICS drive. For example, SINAMICS S120 and G120 drives including the motor can already be represented. Additional drives will follow.

This FMU can be imported directly into the simulation program used. SINAMICS DriveSim Basic is compatible with many commercially available simulation programs, such as Simit, Simcenter Amesim, NX Motion or Matlab Simulink. Together with other virtual Siemens solutions such as SIMATIC S7 PLC SIM Advanced or NX Mechatronics Concept Designer, a consistent model-based development process can be implemented.

Power Conversion System for Battery Storage Systems

With SINAMICS PCS, Siemens presents a new power conversion system for battery storage applications. The SINAMICS PCS grid converter makes locally generated batter power usable for industrial and public power grids. SINAMICS PCS controls the charging and discharging process of the battery and helps to handle load peaks and grid disturbances via the battery storage, to store the electricity in an energy- and cost-efficient manner, and to bring the energy stored in batteries efficiently and reliably into the grid.

The grid converter is based upon the industry proven technology of the SINAMICS S120 drive platform and works very energy-efficiently thanks to liquid-cooling. The compact and robust power conversion system includes connection technology and control, line filter, drive and liquid-cooling, and can be easily integrated as a complete system in control rooms or containers.

SINAMICS PCS is certified in accordance with the “Technical Connection Rules” VDE-AR-N 4110, which is valid in Germany. This means that stationary battery storage units can be connected to the public medium-voltage grid with minimal system certification effort.

A validated Matlab/Simulink simulation model simplifies and accelerates the planning, optimization and grid integration of the power conversion system — and thanks to the SINAMICS Startdrive tool in the TIA Portal engineering framework, the grid converter can be easily integrated into the drive world. Operating states and system parameters can be read out via the Profinet communication interface, which allows data from operation to be monitored and analyzed.

Firmware and Hardware Updates Increase User-Friendliness

Siemens is offering new features in hardware and firmware for its SINAMICS S120 drive    system.  Operation is much easier in firmware V5.2 through the integration of a web-server.  The webserver has a new, responsive design and functions via standard web browsers regardless of the device used (notebook, PC, tablet or smartphone).  For commissioning typical diagnostics and maintenance functions or servicing, no special tools are required. The web pages are available in six standard languages and feature error indicators and warning messages including meaningful help texts and suggestions for possible solutions.

Users can intuitively create, manage and delete parameter lists — even across axes — and can perform firmware updates and system restores with the old firmware version.  Backups of parameter settings can be stored on the clients using the webserver and browser and reloaded in the SINAMICS drive using the Restore function.  To test functions     that are subject to license, it is possible to activate a temporary trial mode.

In addition, a complete overview of all functions that are subject to license is clearly displayed in the webserver.  For ideal display on any Internet-capable device, the best browsers are Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.  Navigation is easy via menu or bread-crumbs.

By simultaneously connecting SINAMICS S120 Active Line Modules (ALM), the operator can now use the Booksize format continuously up to a rated power of 228kW. The simultaneous connection of the 55kW ALM also enables a higher peak power for high dynamic machines than a single 120kW ALM.  The space-saving internal busbar can be   used by suitable arrangement of the dc link components.  55, 80 and 120 kilowatts (kW) of ALM can be connected in two simultaneous circuits.  This feature is supported by the new firmware version V5.2.

For specific product information and inquiries, send an e-mail to: mc.us@siemens.com