There is no denying the incredible impact technology has had on our lives over the past two decades — it has changed the traditional workplace and reshaped business expectations.

Technology offers countless opportunities to maximize efficiency within your business operations, and therefore, save you time. And time is money, right? The ways you adopt and integrate technology can play a major role in business innovation and productivity improvement.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Adding automation, at any level, from basic bar feeders to advanced robots, can bring immediate benefits to manufacturers both large and small. It will increase production, decrease setup time, reduce operator error & fatigue, and eliminate excessive scrap.

From adding a simple automated material feeder or a programmable stop to a current machine or integrating a fully automated process, there are many options for incorporating automation into your shop. An easy way to add automation in your shop would be to start with how you measure — quit pulling the tape and automate with a programmable length controller. Or, take your semi-automatic saw to the next level by coupling it with a pusher/feeder system; which will give you the benefits of automation, but still leaves you the ability to manually miter. Turn your machine into a true production saw by adding an advanced feed system.

Circular cold saws are already amazing machines, but by adding a little automation to your current process you will see a big increase in efficiency and productivity while lowering overall cost of doing business. A productive workplace is a profitable one!

Eliminate operator error by programming your cut list. Get precise cuts no matter who is operating your machine.

Go fully automatic. If you are looking for a programmable sawing system that will maximize flexibility and improve accuracy you will want a fully automatic machine. With this technology you can sit back and watch it work for you or spend your time working on other tasks. Automatic machines also improve safety conditions for operators because they are able to keep a safe distance away from the sawing operation. Full auto greatly increases production because it allows for unmanned operations, sometimes outside of the normal shifts.

Whether you are adding a little automation into your shop or going to a fully automatic process you can expect to see increased production, improved accuracy, while at the same time improving the safety of your operators.

Even with all of these benefits, however it is important to note that automated systems can be expensive, so it is important to compare these additional costs with overall cost reductions in the long run.

At Scotchman we embrace technology. Our cold saw line includes manual to fully automatic sawing systems. We have put our blood, sweat, and tears into producing the most cost-effective and efficient machines in the metal fabricating industry. Adding value to your shop with automation is an investment with the goal of improving business.

If you are not sure where to begin, consult an expert before you make a purchase. With more than 50 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, Scotchman Industries has a reputation as a leader in the metal fabrication equipment (or tools) and top notch customer service.

CNC Increases Versatility for Auto Drill Tap Options

Scotchman Industries is proud to feature Drill Tap option for our GAA-500 90, Automatic Upcut Circular Cold Saw. This saw is the newest addition to our non-ferrous saw line and has even more features and possibilities than ever before! The GAA-500 90 is a large capacity upcut automatic saw for cutting non-ferrous materials at 90° up to 6” square and round. The saw uses a shuttle feed design with an adjustable vertical and horizontal clamp system to fit almost any profile. Standard features include a 7.5 hp motor that delivers a cutting speed of 3,000 rpm, pneumatic mist coolant system, and a base designed with 2 chip extraction ports. The rotary dial allows for fast and easy length adjustments and part lengths are easily held to the length tolerance of +/- .006” per index.

By adding the DT-20 (Drill/Tap 20mm) option to the GAA saw, you now have a true production saw! The DT option gives the saw the ability to drill and tap holes up to 20mm, with a single spindle drill, or by adding a multi-spindle drill, add multiple holes at one time. Make thousands of clips fast with Scotchman’s GAA-500-90 DT20. Add a CNC option, along with the DT option, and you can position a hole or set of holes on a single axis on your piece, then cut to length. The GAA-500-90 is available in 230 volt and 460 volt configurations and is backed by Scotchman Industries’ Best-in-the-Business, 2-year warranty.

Fully Automatic Roller Feed Saw

The CPO 315 Roller Feed Automatic Cold Saw is a fully automatic cold saw that provides uninterrupted cutting on tubes, solids, and extrusions and supplies the highest quality cuts. This machine comes with touch screen controls which make the saw easier to operate. New added features decrease cycle times, making this saw faster than ever before! The RFA now has the ability to store profile settings such as speeds & feeds, which make changing material sizes faster. This machine is ideal for high volume and long length applications that require very accurate and clean cuts.

The CPO 315 RFA comes equipped with either a supply table or a full bundle loading attachment. The standard supply table has been improved to accept raw stock loading of material lengths now from as little as 30 inches up to 24 feet. Either system allows the saw to automatically load, trim, cut and sort lengths up to 120″ (60″ is standard) and hold +/- .006 in lengths of tubing up to 3 inch in diameter. With optional equipment you can feed directly into a deburring machine or acquire form jaws that can handle thin wall applications without distortion. The CPO 315 RFA Saws are available in ferrous and non-ferrous models and comes with a 2-Year Warranty.

Semi-Automatic, Non-Ferrous, Upcut Saw.

Scotchman Industries® is excited to showcase their expanding line of sawing automation options at this years IMTS, in booth #236408. The latest addition to their existing lineup of circular cold saws is the SUP 600 NF. This Upcut Circular Cold Saw is designed specifically for cutting non-ferrous material. Featuring a 24” (600 mm), 132 tooth carbide blade that is capable of producing round cuts up to 8” in diameter and rectangular cuts up to 15″ x 6″, the SUP-600 NF offers an increased cutting capacity not found in traditional pivot down saws.

This upcut saw coupled with our AngleMaster digital material positioning system, creates a semi-automatic programmable saw system that automatically rotates to any cut angle, pushes material into the saw & automatically rotates to the next desired angle. (It gives you a completely finished part.) Plus, you can store cut lists on its 21″ touch screen control. A must see for the aluminum extrusion market.

Standard features include an adjustable feed rate, mitering capability with fixed stops at 22.5º, 45º, 90°, -45°, and -22.5º, two horizontal and two vertical pneumatic clamps to secure material being cut, and a 4-1/2” port for chip collection plus a drawer under the bottom of the saw. The SUP-600 NF is available in 230 volt and 460 volt configurations and is backed by Scotchman superior warranty.

For more information: Scotchman Industries, Inc 180 E. Hwy 14 Philip, SD USA 605-859-2542 / 800-843-8844