Air-Vac Systems Inc. has been manufacturing Industrial Air Cleaners to maintain clean air in machining facilities, heavy equipment, diesel repair, and Welding Shops for almost 30 years.  Air-Vac offers many models for different applications and filter configurations available from two-stage filtration up to five stages of filtration to remove dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), carcinogens, chemicals and other toxins in the air you breathe.

“Our five Stage model will even kill heavy odors, mold, bacteria, and viruses for the ultimate purified air,” says Robert Hughes, president of Air-Vac System. Their units are self-contained and required no ducting or exhausting.

“Your shop will feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer,” explains Hughes. “Often the filter cost is off-set by keeping your doors closed up part of the year and not paying for heat loss.” New customers often express that they should have adopted their industrial air cleaning solution sooner.

Recently, Air-Vac opened up a new branch for the pet industry called “Air-Vac on Guard” to remove heavy odors, dander and to kill infectious pathogens airborne and on surfaces in Vet offices, grooming shops, boarding and daycare facilities.

Air-Vac Systems the expert in clean air solutions has seen the long-term health effects of breathing contaminated air daily. “Your health is the most important thing to longevity and Air-Vac Systems will help you maintain that.“

Benefits of Using Air-Vac Equipment:

    • Healthier environment for you and your employees.
    • Can eliminate health issues down the road.
    • 5-year warranty on parts (excludes filters)
    • Air-Vac Equipment is economical and durable
    • No expensive ductwork required.
    • No exhausting keeps heat and A/C in the building
    • Fewer hours will be spent cleaning shop
    • Fewer pollutants in the air reduces damage and maintenance fees on other Equipment
    • In a clean environment employees, productivity can increase.
    • Proper air filtration reduces workplace accidents
    • Visually see drastic improvement within your facility.

About Air-Vac Systems

Air-Vac Systems have improved air quality in welding shops, diesel repair shops, farm shops, printing companies, industrial/manufacturing plants, machine shops, woodworking shops, body shops and many other types of commercial businesses with a dust, fume, smoke or oil mist issues. Their number one priority is to make their customers happy through quality products, customer relationship and personal service. Air-Vac Systems are so confident in their products, they offer the only 5-year warranty in the business.

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