Collision Impact Protection Leads to a Safer Warehouse Environment

The warehouse is a hub of activity for storing, shipping, receiving, and circulating goods on the way to their destination. It’s a vital link in the material handling chain and a prime area for accidents.

By its nature, the warehouse environment presents potential safety hazards. Forklift and pedestrian traffic, noise, material handling, the amount of activity, distractions, tight spaces, blind corners – all are ingredients for cooking up an accident.

Creating and maintaining a safe warehouse environment is not just about traffic management or safety equipment or even training – it’s about a comprehensive program; one that considers every option possible to prevent accidents and injuries to people, equipment, and facilities.

Two areas of concern are racking systems and building columns. Both are regularly subjected to abuse and damage; with most of that damage caused by forklift impact.

Impact-absorbing products like rack protectors and column protectors provide excellent protection from lift truck/structure collisions. Sentry Protection Products’ column and rack protectors created and manufactures the highest quality column protectors and rack protectors to absorb impact and reduce the severity of collision damage.

Sentry’s Rack Sentry® and Rack Sentry® CONTOUR rack protectors minimize the force of forklift impact that can damage the structural integrity of the rack. Both models absorb impact by flexing and returning to shape to work again. These rack protectors install directly to the rack upright, eliminating the need to drill into the floor or putting any stress on the floor. Ideal for intermediate rack uprights, both the Rack Sentry and Rack Sentry CONTOUR are available in sizes to fit rack uprights three inches to 4.75 inches and are eighteen inches in height. Both models are also available in end-of-rack applications.

Building columns are the backbone of a facility’s structural integrity. Continual hits from forklifts can do damage – expensive damage – to these columns, to the forklifts, and the drivers. Column Sentry® and Column Sentry® FIT minimize the force of forklift impact and damage to columns, surrounding supports, vehicles, and operators.

Column Sentry is the original column protector that surrounds columns with a cushion of air by way of an air chamber. The air chamber allows the Column Sentry to absorb impact without splitting the sides of the column protector. Available in seventeen size applications, including I-beam and models to accommodate fire extinguishers mounted on the column.

The Column Sentry FIT addresses the challenge of variable column sizes. Featuring four interlocking sides that slide into place, the FIT adjusts to fit every column. No more guessing at sizes or finding the “closest” size. A tight, secure fit around square, rectangular or round columns. Corner to corner protection. Available in two sizes – small to fit columns 4” x 4” up to 8” x 8” and medium to fit columns 8” x 8” up to 12” x 12”. Column Sentry and Column Sentry FIT are 42” in height and are easily installed.

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