Based in Palmyra, Indiana, Federal Knife Inc. supplies and sharpens precision cutting tools and machine knives. Started in 1987 as a regional blade sharpening shop serving local printers and metal fabricators, by 1991 Federal Knife had branched into manufacturing and supplying new replacement blades to end users and OEM’s.

“We added modern CNC lathes and specialized grinding machines,” says Jim Vickers, vice president of sales and marketing for Federal Knife. “With the onset of the internet, we became a global supplier shipping blades to customers around the globe.”

Today Federal Knife Inc. is considered one of the leading sources for new replacement machine blades and has a reputation of delivering unmatched customer service and the highest quality products at the most competitive price.

As a global supplier of high-quality machine knives and blades of all types, their products and services benefit nearly all industries including metal fabricating, steel tube production, steel producers, plastics, printing, paper converting, packaging, wood veneer processing, and all converting industries.

The Importance of Quality

The most important part of a customer’s cutting machine is the blade. Using the wrong quality blade or a blade made from an incompatible tool steel can wreak havoc on their manufacturing process. The machine is only as good as the cutting tool used.

Federal Knife offers metal cutting shear blades and slitter blades for most machines makes and models including, Cincinnati, Accur-Shear, Wysong & Miles, Betenbender, Niagara, Standard, Pexto, Amada, American Hercules, Atlantic, Pacific, Pearson, Gatti, Gary, Yoder, Welty-Way, Sleer, Iowa Precision, Stamco, Wean, HFW, Shinko, Reika-Werk and others.

The company is dedicated to give their customers the best value on their replacement knives including circular metal cutting blades, rotary tube knives, and saws, as well as shear blades and press brake dies. All knives are manufactured to either OEM or customer specifications. Federal Knife guarantees they will beat any competitor’s quoted price on replacement shear blades by five percent.

An Overlooked Option

Many cutting professionals fail to recognize how they are costing their operation by not sharpening their blades. Overtime, the condition and quality of any blade will be worn down with use. This impacts the quality of cut and can increase finishing time. Blades can often be sharpened to like new condition, numerous times, instead of discarding the expensive blade for a replacement.

Federal Knife’s precision blade sharpening services assure competitive pricing for precision regrinding and refinishing to OEM standards. Whether your cutting operation relies on circular slitter blades, metal shear blades, guillotine blades, sheeter blades, plastic granulator blades, or toothed jewelers saw blades, Federal Knife can sharpen all of these blades, and many more. It is also possible for their blade specialists to match grind blades as well.

“Once the customer’s knives are restored to original tolerances, the edges are precision machine, honed to remove burrs and wire edges,” says Vickers. “We then lightly oil them to resist rust during shipment and storage. We provide quick turnaround, and unbeatable customer support. Most blades are sharpened and returned within five days or less.” Federal Knife also offers one day service upon request.

The Future of Blade Treatment

Federal Knife Inc. is now offering cryogenic treatment for blades in the most demanding operations. Sub-zero treatments, typically using liquid nitrogen, offers key advantages that can be obtained in much shorter downtime, sometimes minutes versus the many hours associated with traditional mechanical cooling.

“Cryogenic treatment of tool steel has proven to improve the wear characteristics of the steel by allowing the molecular structure of the blade to complete the process started by heat treating and tempering,” explains Vickers. “We have seen great results in certain applications.”

The Performance Match Service

Federal Knife believes in their products and in delivering personalized service. The team at Federal Knife can recommend the correct blade for a customer’s cutting application. This “Performance Match” service separates Federal Knife from their competitor’s. “We have over 30 years’ experience in the industrial cutting blade business,” says Vickers. “We can offer customers recommendations on the best grade of tool steel and hardness to have their blade made from. This saves the customer money in longer lasting blades with less downtime of their equipment, as well as money saved by using less blades.”

For more information, visit or call, toll free at 1-(800)-23-KNIFE, or 1-(800)-235-6433.

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