Dynabrade, Inc., was founded by Walter Welsch in Tonawanda, New York, in 1969. It had already outgrown its original facility and moved to a larger space in that same city by 1977. Only ten years later it established its International Sales Division, and in 1989 launched Dynabrade Europe in Luxembourg. The company established its world headquarters in Clarence, New York – where all manufacturing takes place, and where it is still located – soon after, in 1990. A foothold was gained in Navi Mumbai, India, in 2007.

This astounding record of expansion occurred for a number of reasons, according to Andy Mandell, marketing manager. “Dynabrade’s growth in the early years was attributed to many things,” he explains. “Our founder, Walter Welsch, invented the Dynafile Abrasive Belt Machine, which replaced the hand filing of metal, aluminum, and other materials. It was quite a game-changer. We also started manufacturing our line of Random Orbital Sanders, which we feel are world-class products. Absolutely the best in the industry. Plus, we have always offered no-obligation demonstrations on all of our products.”

He adds that dedicated company salesmen visit customers, demonstrate tools, and help determine cost-saving solutions in helping end-users reach their production goals. In addition, each salesperson carries a Performance Assurance Kit, with which they can check a customer’s workstation and evaluate not just the tool but the airline system, abrasives, accessories, and also any ergonomic concerns that need to be taken into consideration.

Dynabrade Dynafile 14000“We then make cost-savings recommendations and provide a safety review,” Mandell says, ”all at no charge.” It’s part of developing a relationship with our customers, not just selling an air tool.”

This hands-on customer service is delivered via an extensive global network of sales representatives and distribution centers, assuring both dependable personal contact and manageable lead times.

“We market our products worldwide through a network of industrial distributors,” Mandell goes on to say. “They stock our products, and they work alongside the local Dynabrade salespeople who are located in their area to assist them. We have outside salespeople found around the world.”

Although its designs have remained remarkably robust and stable over the years – products include air and electric power tools, clean air solutions, abrasives, grinding, sanding and finishing machines, and other accessories – new materials, processes, and technologies have presented the company with myriad opportunities to advance its own R&D efforts.

1.3Hp Grinder 52632 Application Dynabrade“Robotics, in particular, has been an exciting area for us,” Mandell says. “For the past few years, we’ve been partnering with various robotics manufacturers as we develop Dynabrade power tools to feature on their machines. Many of our tools are specifically manufactured for use with robots and within automated processes. We have a dedicated product line for this market, in fact.”

In addition, since dust-free environments are critical in so many of today’s workplaces, Dynabrade manufactures a full line of products including vacuum tools, portable vacuum systems, and vacuum downdraft tables for use with both metal and wood.

“Another example of where our no-obligation demonstrations come into focus involves our working with customers to determine which products they should use,” he says. “We set up and demonstrate the products for them, and together we determine that they are completely satisfied before the sales are complete. Try before you buy, in other words, with a Dynabrade tool expert by your side.”

With widespread representation, comprehensive distribution, strong customer relationships, solid product design, and a continued commitment to responding to opportunities presented by evolving processes and technologies, Dynabrade will continue to hold its place at the leading edge of the abrasives market.

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