Tap Associates Inc. is a metalworking manufacturer of tooling located in Nevada and the makers of the self-locking tap extension since 1968. Co-owners Ed and Pamela Gurr purchased the company in 2009. Both with backgrounds spawned in early Silicon Valley California, Ed in manufacturing operations and Pamela in marketing-communications.

Each of self-locking Jungere tap extension is precision machined in America with USA sourced steel and offers the industry’s smallest outer diameter in both our lines of ANSI (metric) and Pipe NPT Tap Extensions.

Their line of self-locking extensions is the only one in the industry that provides a straight through slim design for long reach and close quarter machine and hand applications. Extension lengths are available in *2, *2-1/2, *3, *3-1/2, 4, *5, 6, *7, 8, and 12 inches and in Tap size ANSI (metric) #0-6 to 1-1/4 (m2.2-m30) and Pipe NPT 1/16 – 1-1/2 sizes. (*select sizes).

“This product and business opportunity couldn’t have been a better fit at the right time,” said Pamela.

To date, Tap Associates have continued to maintain 2006 MSRP price levels, and have welcomed several new Distributors-Resellers to their network roster. The company has updated dimensions and added lengths to their product lines.

“We have commissioned a custom order and sales platform and accounting software for greater accuracy and streamlined order fulfillment,” Pamela explains. “We have maintained a forever changing internet presence as we work to develop other marketing efforts and partnerships to help direct sales to our network of distributors and resellers.”

Because the extensions do not use set screws or collets, users should always measure to assure the Tap Shank and square match maximum accepted dimensions from our Machine ANSI (metric) or Pipe NPT size charts. Once seated, the extension simply extends the work of the tap and only the custom drift provide can dislodge the tap from the extension. Their web site also provides a video demo “how to seat the tap” and offers email or phone assistance for customers.

Always in Stock

Tap Associates Inc is known for providing machinist with a specifically designed close-quarter or long reach tapping solution at the cost of a standard tap. Their entire product line of Self-Locking Tap Extensions is always in stock and backed with dedicated customer service and same day shipping guarantee.

In 2019, Tap Associates will continue to actively pursue and promote product advancements and their company in service, manufacturing, and delivery. Along with global partnerships, they are making positive contributions to machinist efforts worldwide.

For more information, visit www.tapextension.com.

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