Seifert MTM Systems Turns to Big Ass Fans for Solution

Big Ass Fans, Seifert MTM The Problem
Seifert MTM Systems knows thermal management—it’s all they do. So they knew they had a problem in their 19,000-sq-ft (1,765-sq-m) warehouse when they struggled to keep it comfortable for their own employees. With 25-ft (7.6-m) ceilings, high vents, and no air conditioning, the space was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Worse, this inefficient system was costing Seifert, both in money and in productivity. Overheated workers didn’t want to move away from noisy industrial floor fans in the summer, and high vents blasted rising hot air toward the ceiling, rather than down to occupant level, in the winter.

The Solution
Seifert MTM installed a 24-ft (7.3-m) Powerfoil®X fan in the warehouse and saw immediate results. The fan circulated the hot air trapped at the ceiling back down to the floor, making the warehouse more comfortable within minutes and decreasing monthly heating costs by 30 percent. The Powerfoil X eliminated the need for noisy floor fans, improving employee comfort and productivity. Seifert originally hoped that the fan would pay for itself within three years; however, after installing the fan, the company estimated it would reach that goal in less than 24 months.

“People avoided working in certain areas of the building that weren’t adequately heated. With BIG ASS FANS® we’re able to bring the heat down to the floor and are saving 30 percent on our energy bills.” Rob Granai, operations manager Seifert MTM Systems.

Big Ass Fans, Seifert MTM

About Big Ass Solutions
Our funny name originated with massive overhead fans that provide comfort and energy savings. Today, though, Big Ass Solutions is much more. With the addition of Big Ass Light and Haiku Home, we have expanded to meet the growing needs of our customers. Above all, Big Ass means quality, design and working directly with customers to solve their problems. We don’t do things halfway. We go Big Ass.

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