Big Ass Fans Cools Ricoh Part Center

CaseStudy1_headBig Ass Fans Cools Down a Sweltering Nashville Parts Center for Ricoh USA

The Problem
It’s hard to keep a 200,000-sq-ft (18,580-sq-m) warehouse comfortable, and manufacturer Ricoh USA’s parts center was no exception. Nashville’s sweltering humidity would bog down workers in the summer. Facility managers knew air conditioning wouldn’t be cost-effective in a space with 40-ft (12-m) ceilings and dock doors that constantly open and close. Standard overhead fans didn’t create enough airflow to support the roof ventilation units. To make matters worse, in the winter, heat rose to the ceiling, failing to warm the employees working at the ground level.

The Solution
Ricoh facility managers worked with Big Ass Fans® to create powerful air movement that kept workers cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter. The facility installed ten 24-ft (7.3-m) Basic 6™ fans. “Going with Big Ass Fans was a no-brainer. The sales team understood the problems we faced and worked hard to find the best placement for our fans,” says Jeff Robataille, director of field operations for Ricoh.

“Everyone loves the Big Ass fans, and they always comment on them. The fans we had before couldn’t compare. We’re just thrilled with the difference the big ass fans have made.”

About Big Ass Solutions
Our funny name originated with massive overhead fans that provide comfort and energy savings. Today, though, Big Ass Solutions is much more. With the addition of Big Ass Light and Haiku Home, we have expanded to meet the growing needs of our customers. Above all, Big Ass means quality, design and working directly with customers to solve their problems. We don’t do things halfway. We go Big Ass.

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