TRUMPF TKA 1500 deburring tool gets an upgrade

New features make TRUMPF’s popular edge milling tool even more useful // advanced technology helps workers generate higher quality edges

TRUMPF has introduced a new TruTool TKA 1500 edge milling tool with updated features to reliably create sheet metal edges with repeatable accuracy and without any rework. The redesigned deburring tool is now available with a new cutting mount and guide fence for increased applications and safety. Additional ergonomic enhancements to the TKA 1500 contribute to the tool’s low-vibration and smooth operation.

Ergonomic handling, optimum feed rates

TRUMPF designed the TKA 1500 for operator safety and ergonomics. The tool’s handle shape, size and positioning ensure safe machine guidance, and support the chamfer quality. The large electric hand tool is equipped with a powerful 2,600-watt motor and adapted gearbox, so it is very quiet to run, and operators can generate a high-quality chamfer reliably, and for longer periods of time without fatigue. Design improvements have reduced vibrations and ensure that an optimum feed rate can be achieved. This reduces the amount of wear and tear, increasing durability.

More applications, easier adjustment

TrumpfThe TKA 1500 comes with a standard, 45-degree multi-edge cutter mount, and depending on the application, operators can also choose optional multi-edge or radius multi-edge cutter mounts in 30-degree, 60-degree, and now 37.5-degree angle positions. The new multi-edge cutter mount can chamfer 37.5-degree angles, which is particularly useful when processing tubes. The new edge milling tool is suitable for an increased variety of applications. It is suitable for deburring, rounding, or chamfering end edges. The tool can also be used to prepare parts for powder and paint coatings, as well as welded seams.

The bevel length can still be adjusted without tools, although now it is easier to adjust since the new design of the TKA 1500 provides an unrestricted view of the dial ring. Operators can use the tool to create clean visible edges, break off sharp edges, add a radius, or prepare a weld seam.

Facilitated processing, added protection

Another highlight of the new TKA 1500 is the unique guide fence, which is made of stainless steel and is particularly beneficial when processing long, straight sheet metal and outer contours. The guide fence makes it easier to run into the sheet metal and control the processing direction. The guide fence also provides practical protection against chips, directing chips downward in a controlled fashion to increase occupational safety. This practical standard accessory is assembled in seconds without any tools. It is also helpful that the shape, size and positioning of the handle can be adjusted ergonomically to one another, further supporting the safe and precise control of the machine.

“The 120-volt version of the TKA 1500 is still at the top of its game when it comes to productivity,” says Grant Fergusson, TRUMPF Inc. national sales manager for power tools. “Other power tools of this type that are available on the market require at least three operations, but the 120-volt TKA 1500 can mill bevel lengths of up to 0.43 inches in one operation and only requires two operations to process a maximum bevel length of 0.59 inches. The new TKA 1500 creates even more options for increased applications and enhanced safety and ergonomics.”

Additional product information can be found here: TKA 1500.

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