Sinterite Installs Custom Pusher Furnace

Sinterite Custom Pusher Furnace Designed for Continuous Sintering

Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, St. Marys, Pa., has installed a manually operated custom pusher furnace designed for continuous sintering of a range of materials and grades at a facility in Pennsylvania. It consists of two heat control zones and one cooling zone, with a maximum operating temperature of 1800°F.

sinterite furnaceThis particular pusher furnace is unique because of its low operating temperature. Typically, these types of furnaces are designed to operate up to 3000°F. Because of the customer’s specialized sintering process and lower temperature requirements, this furnace was customized to meet those unique processing needs.

About Sinterite
Sinterite designs, manufactures, and services custom continuous belt and batch furnaces for sintering, brazing, annealing, steam treating, drying and heat treating applications. The installed base of equipment is in excess of 1300 units in more than 47 countries. Sinterite’s quality design includes alloy and ceramic muffle systems, powder-handling equipment, custom fabrications, and the exclusively-manufactured HyperCooler sinter-hardening and rapid cooling system.

Whether you are replacing a continuous belt sintering furnace or scaling up production of a batch process, put Sinterite’s engineering expertise to work. Our knowledge and experience in product development, engineering, and manufacturing, helps us successfully transition new product development to commercial production for both continuous and batch heat treat operations with a minimum of risk.

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About Gasbarre Furnace Group
To provide you whatever you need to make your industrial alchemy consistently productive and profitable, the Gasbarre Furnace Group (a division of Gasbarre Products) offers the world a comprehensive spectrum of industrial heat treating equipment, engineering, technology and commercial-based solutions through its three companies, Sinterite, C.I. Hayes and J. L. Becker.

With products that range from batch furnaces to continuous belt furnaces, pusher furnaces, vacuum furnaces, humpback furnaces and much more, Gasbarre’s trio of companies solves any application challenge with expertise and passion designed to drive your success.

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