Norstat Series 300 Mini Light Tower : Small Size, High Visability

Norstat now offers the SERIES 300 MINI LIGHT TOWER, a smaller, 30mm version of a standard Stacklight tower that offers high visibility and multiple color options.

The SERIES 300 MINI LIGHT TOWER is a smaller, more practical option for applications where a standard 70mm light tower would not be possible. While these 30mm Stacklights may be smaller in dimension, they still deliver exceptional brightness and reliability. Series 300 Stacklights can be easily mounted on a 22mm hole, base, or extension tube. A maximum of 6 units can be combined using the 5 available colors for the lights along with an audible unit that can produce 75 dB of continuous sound.

The Series 300 features rugged polycarbonate construction and High-Brightness LED’s which ensure exceptional signal clarity at a distance. Connection is via screw cable clamps and operating voltage is 24V DC with Class II protection against electric shock . The Series 300 has a protection rating of IP 64, is vibration resistant and can operate in a temperature ranges from -20° C to +50° C. Contact Norstat for additional information, pricing, and availability.

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