High Pressure MQ & MCQ Series from Alicat Scientific

High Pressure Mass Flow Controllers and Mass Flow Meters from Alicat Scientific

MQ and MCQ Series instruments operate on systems up to 320 PSIA

Expanding its fast-response flow instrumentation product offerings, Alicat Scientific has added lines of high pressure mass flow meters and corresponding high pressure mass flow controllers. The MQ Series meters and MCQ Series mass flow controllers will operate in high pressure systems, up to 320 PSIA (22 bar). The new products ensure accurate and stable system performance, with 10 ms sensor response speeds and sub-100 ms control response times on the controllers.


The multivariate MQ Series meters and MCQ Series flow controllers measure mass flow rate, volumetric flow rates, and pressures. As a result, controllers can be set up for closed loop control of mass flow while also reporting pressure, or closed loop control of pressure while also reporting mass flow. Each instrument comes with a NIST-traceable calibration certificate demonstrating 2% of full scale accuracy.

Instruments come preloaded with up to 98 on-board gas calibrations. Alicat’s built-in COMPOSER™ gas mixing software can be used to compose up to twenty more custom blends using the standard gas list. Accuracy is virtually unaffected by change in gas type, and full-scale valve range is automatically recalibrated to maintain throughput ranges.

Alicat instruments provide multivariate interface displays, as well as data-rich serial and analog connections on every instrument, and can be used as either a stand-alone device or responsive integrated system component. Both digital (RS-232, RS-485, Modbus) and analog (0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA) communications can be customized to suit a range of end-user applications. Alicat offers NPT, SAE, downport, and NeSSi process connections. Choices in valve type and orifice size allow for configuring products for the best speed and stability.

About Alicat
Part of the international Halma group, Alicat Scientific designs and manufactures mass flow devices used in medical and scientific instrumentation, as well as diverse industrial applications, for high-precision measurement of gas and liquid flows. Its all-digital product range includes mass and liquid flow meters and controllers; pressure gauges and controllers; portable flow meters; secondary calibration standards; software and accessories.

To learn more about Alicat’s mass flow meters, visit www.alicat.com.