Infor Industrial Manufacturing

Infor provides solutions that help industrial manufacturers transform there business processes that unlock innovation and drive growth. With Industry 4.0 digital transformation comes a new era of innovation and competitiveness in manufacturing. Learn More.

Infor Industrial Machinery and Equipment

See how Infor helps Industrial Manufacturing and Equipment Manufacturers bring products to market faster, leverage real-time visibility to the end-to-end supply chain. Learn More.

Infor Best Practice Guide

How to effectively design, sell, and deliver configured products

For industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers, delivering personalized, unique products is the key to doing business in an increasingly competitive environment. Read this best practices guide to learn how you can increase sales and reduce costs through:

  • Facilitated configuration, quoting, order management, and customer communication utilizing CPQ automation
  • Integrated design and enhanced innovation through standardized design workflows, enforced quality standards, and links between design, sales, and delivery
  • Optimized supply chain, manufacturing, and project management supported by increased visibility and analytics for decision-making

Read Infor’s Best Practice Guide, available here.

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