Federal Knife, Inc.

Federal Knife Inc. A global supplier of high-quality machine knives and blades of all types. Federal Knife also provides the correct replacement blade for your equipment. In addition to our large inventory and custom manufacture blades to your specifications. Federal Knife has over 30 years of experience in cutting edge technology.

Furthermore, Federal Knife also provides precision sharpening services to bring life back to your dull or damaged blades. Federal Knife can sharpen Shear Blades, Circular slitters, Toothed blades, straight and circular and Guillotine blades. Federal Knife can also save you thousands of dollars, as a result, of sharpening your blades to a better than new condition
In conclusion, Federal Knife has the “edge over the competition” and promises to save you time and money.

Contact one of our product specialists please call 1-800-235-6433 or email sales@federalknife.com.

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