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Custom Industrial Products | CIP is a leading manufacturer of quality vertical material lifts, also known as VRCs. CIP is a material handling company known for innovative engineering and quality craftsmanship. CIP offers effective solutions to your materials handling and manufacturing needs.

VRC Lift Products

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured VRC Lifts by CIP. What are competitors outsource, we fabricate in-house. Our Solutions Specialists will work with you to analyze your needs and facilities to determine the best lift solution. CIP’s lifts are simply better.

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Robust, reliable, affordable and fits a wide variety of uses.
CIP S-Series, or Straddle Lift, is the most versatile lift used across a variety of industries and applications. Its simple design is reliable and affordable. Versatile design that works for a wide range of layouts and travel heights.
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Takes heavier, larger loads supported by 4 steel posts.
Our Four-Post Lifts are designed for moving larger, heavier loads, and the capabilities of these lifts are virtually limitless. The design is also scalable to provide large platform sizes capable of transporting forklifts and cars.
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Takes a variety of loads and works in low overhead areas.
The C-Series, or Cantilever Lift, is perfect for a variety of load sizes and weights. The one-sided lifting design offers strength and stability to effortlessly move your items between levels. The C-Series is commonly used in warehouses where overhead space is low. Most versatile – it allows 3 types of loading/unloading configurations.
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Low-Cost, Stackable, and Easy-to-Install
The PM-Series VRC lift is designed for moving materials between two or more levels. Its modular design allows for easier installation and implementation.
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Economical, versatile, & safe for smaller loads.
The TL-M Series VRC Lift with its modular design is the most versatile and easy to use lift in its class. It maximizes the utilization of space while improving safety and efficiency.

CIP Specialties

Vertical Material Lifts and Lifting Solutions, Freight Lifts, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors-(VRC), and Freight Elevators

CIP is known for its quality engineering, superior system controls, and exceptional sales and technical support. We take pride in being the most creative, responsive, and technologically advanced material-handling manufacturer in the industry.

CIP satisfied customers range from small, family-owned businesses to major Fortune 500 companies.

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