Trim‐Lok Showcases Innovative All‐in‐One RV Slide Out Seal System and Patented Seamless Corner Installation in New Video

Trim‐Lok, a leading provider of trims and seals for the RV and Specialty Vehicle Market, is thrilled to announce the release of its new video showcasing the All‐in‐One RV Slide Out Seal System and the All‐in‐ One Wipe Seal patented seamless corner installation method. In an engaging presentation, Nick Godfrey showcases Trim‐Lok’s All‐in‐One line of RV slide‐out seals. This comprehensive lineup includes wipe seals, above‐floor bottom pans, in‐wall bottom pans, and flush floor bottom pans, accompanied by mating wear bars. Together, these components guarantee optimal performance for a wide range of RV slide‐out configurations.

“Trim‐Lok excels in streamlining seals for RV applications that may typically require multiple parts, redesigning them into minimal parts to improve sealing and minimize installation time, all while maintaining uncompromised quality!” says Dan Whitener, VP and COO of Trim‐Lok. “The All‐in‐One flush floor bottom pan and wear bar are prime examples. This application can sometimes require five or six different parts to accomplish what we have redesigned into two parts.”

The All‐in‐One Wipe Seal can be turned 90 degrees and installed by utilizing our patented seamless corner installation method. This patented method ensures maximum watertightness, significantly reducing the risk of water or air ingress, and preventing dirt and debris from entering the slide‐out room.

“We’re setting a new benchmark with the most innovative slide‐out seal solutions available,” Dan continues. “We’re not afraid to color outside the lines to come up with better solutions. Thinking beyond the norm leads to products that truly make a difference for our customers.”

To explore the All‐in‐One RV Slide Out Seal System video and learn more about our extensive range of trim and seal solutions, scan the QR code or visit us online at‐in‐one‐product‐overview.

About Trim-Lok, Inc.

Established in 1971 in Southern California, Trim‐Lok specializes in premium extruded plastic and rubber trims and seals. With over five decades of experience, Trim‐Lok has earned recognition as an industry leader, delivering innovative solutions backed by unparalleled engineering and quality control.

As a global leader in thermoplastic and thermoset rubber profile extrusions, Trim‐Lok prides itself on its ability to meet the most challenging requirements for top‐quality plastic and rubber trim and seal parts. Our highly skilled team excels in designing parts and tooling, fabricating them to exact specifications to ensure performance and value. Trim‐Lok maintains rigorous quality control standards, utilizing only the highest quality automotive‐grade raw materials and investing in modern equipment and highly skilled employees experienced in all phases of manufacturing and production. Our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and repeatability is evident in every product we deliver.

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