Tool-Flo Adds PCD & PBCN to its Extensive Line of Products

Tool-Flo’s New Laser Cutting Technology

ToolFloTool-Flo Manufacturing, Inc., the premier threading and grooving company has now added PCD and PCBN to its extensive line of products. Why use ultra-hard materials such as PCD-Polycrystalline Diamond and PCBN-Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride cutting tools? It allows for longer tool life when cutting very abrasive materials such as graphite, hard rubber, plastics, carbon, fiberglass components, ceramics, wood, copper, bronze, brass and aluminum alloys where other cutting tools will wear out quickly. It also allows for higher removal rates and faster cycle times making it much more cost effective. Tool-Flo’s new laser technology not only provides these advantages, but also provides an unmatched cutting edge quality which will in turn; give you an excellent surface finish and longer tool life. This cutting edge laser technology can also cut special chip breakers in any PCD cutting tool. Be sure to contact us for further details.


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