TC/American’s Jet Aircraft Systems Facilitate Engine Assembly

Jet Engine Carrier and Monorails From TC/American Crane Company Facilitate Engine Assembly And Maintenance

Jet aircraft engine handling systems from TC/American Crane Company move and place the engine within easy reach of technicians and assemblers. These systems keep the engine off floor carts and enable engine access above, below and all sides during manufacturing assembly or disassembly for overhaul and maintenance.

jet aircraftTransporting these heavy, high value jet engines requires the best engineered handling systems. TC/American systems are specially designed to allow unlimited access to every part of the engine without transferring it to rolling carts or other devices. This allows each step to be performed smoothly and safely from one operation to the next minimizing the possibility of damage while saving transfer time and the need for additional personnel.

TC/American jet engine handling systems consist of a combination of interlocking transfer cranes, workstation monorails, curves, switches and engine carriers. They include specialized equipment such as lift stations, track openers and turntables to meet facility layout and production requirements.

Each system starts from a line of pre-configured monorails and cranes systems from TC American and then specially customized to meet virtually all needs of a building and application. Engine carriers may consist of a simple set of trolleys attached to engine tooling for manual positioning. Or they may consist of a motorized carrier with one or two hoists that connect to a load beam or other unique lifting points on the engine fixture.

Engine technicians operate these carriers via pushbutton pendant, radio or infrared controls for precise control with maximum safety. Specialized controls are available to restrict movement of the engine carrier where required.

About TC/American Crane Company
TC/American Crane Company is a leading manufacturer of “Patented Track” under- running bridge crane systems, supplied to customers around the world in the aviation/aerospace, mining, and heavy manufacturing industries.

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