SprutCAM X Robot integrates JAKA cobots into its Robot Components Library

SprutCAM Tech, the developer of the all-in-one CAD/CAM/OLP system SprutCAM X Robot, is expanding its technological partnerships with manufacturers of CNC machines and industrial robots.

The online Library of robot components has been updated to include digital twins of the popular JAKA cobots from the well-known Chinese manufacturer. The current inventory of supported equipment includes the following JAKA cobot models: Zu 3Zu 5Zu 7Zu 12Zu 18Pro 16, and MiniCobo. You can always check the complete list of supported equipment on the dedicated page of the website.

JAKA Robotics collaborative robots find applications in various industries such as machining, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, and more. These cobots, known for their compactness, safety, and power, offer payload ranges from 3kg to 18kg and repeatability between ±0.02 and ±0.03mm. They are versatile, being used in assembly, welding, machine tending, inspection, testing, dispensing (painting, coating, gluing, bonding), and finishing applications (polishing, grinding).
To program JAKA cobots with SprutCAM X Robot, download and install the software. A free 30-day fully functional license will be granted automatically. Then, open MachineMaker, an application for creating digital twins of industrial robots in SprutCAM X Robot, and find the needed cobot in the online Robot Library.
The developers of SprutCAM X Robot have plans to support the full range of JAKA Robotics models and continue expanding the content of the online Library with 3D models of industrial robots, cobots, and robot cell components.

About SprutCAM Tech

Inspired by nature, we create powerful software for programming CNC machines and industrial robots. By deeply understanding the needs of engineers, we design a user-friendly interface that simplifies and speeds up shop floor tasks. Our mission is to create a natural CAD/CAM environment for CNC machines and industrial robot programming. Our vision is to create software that enables manufacturers to seamlessly transition from CAD to finished parts with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

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