Sinumerik 828 CNC Makes Robot to Tool Connection Easy

Setup of Automated Cells Made Simple

With the Sinumerik 828 CNC family, Siemens is now offering a simple solution for connecting robots to machine tool, which has become an integral part of automated production cell set-up.


Different types of robots designed by different manufacturers can now be connected to CNC machines equipped with the Sinumerik 828D family using the Sinumerik Integrate Run MyRobot / EasyConnect interface to perform handling tasks. This enables companies of any size to setup automated cells, including serial machines, cost-effectively and without any major effort — even with different types of CNCs using the same standard interface. Additional features that round off the new solution for automated cell setup are simple optimization of work processes on machine tools, mobile condition monitoring and remote maintenance.

Sinumerik Integrate Run MyRobot / EasyConnect is based upon a standard defined by the German Machine Tool Builders' Association (VDW) and the German Engineering Association (VDMA) for connecting robots or handling systems to machine tools. To make it as easy as possible to use the interface, the robots are connected through Ethernet (Profinet RT) or using I/O signals.

Using the new interface, operators can easily synchronize processes between the machine tool and robots, thereby positioning efficient processes in the automated production cell.

Fully automated work processes are another important aspect of automated cell setup covering all aspects of machine tools, starting off with preparatory work to accessing all of the necessary information and data at the machine — and efficiently operating the machine right up to using mobile terminal equipment for visualizing machine conditions. Siemens provides a comprehensive range of smart operation features, where smart touch technologies are being integrated into the production environment. Simultaneously, machine operators can access the factory network and can inspect contract documents at the user interface. The concept also includes an application for prep work on the PC — for example, the creation of part programs.

Functions facilitating remote diagnosis of machine tools are another component of the solution for automated cell setup. With Sinumerik Integrate Access MyMachine, Siemens provides convenient and reliable functionality for remote diagnostics using a corporate network or Internet access. The basic Access MyMachine / P2P application facilitates the exchange of data with connected machines from a Windows PC. An IP address is used for addressing purposes within the plant network. Machine tool operators can access the machine over the Internet or outside the company network if the application is appropriately configured. Sinumerik Integrate Access MyMachine / Ethernet (ASP) provides a quick overview of the machine history in addition to machine access. The Sinumerik CNC permits the uploading and downloading of machine data, files, trip recorders and configurable PLC traces. Text message (SMS) or e-mail notifications in cases of unusual machine conditions are also possible. ASP allows cost-efficient monitoring of fault states and comprehensive integration of in-house service and maintenance processes.

Siemens now enables robots to be easily connected to machine tools for automated production cell setup using Sinumerik 828D and 840D sl CNCs. Different types of robots designed by various manufacturers can be connected to machines for handling tasks using the Sinumerik Integrate Run MyRobot / EasyConnect interface.

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