Precision 130 High-Precision Plasma Machine Offers Most Affordable Option in Market

Thermal Dynamics® Automation has introduced the Precision 130 high-precision plasma system, which features a 130-amp power source and a water-cooled torch rated for piercing and production cuts on 20 mm mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The Precision 130 offers the same superior cutting performance as Thermal Dynamics’ UC 131 but in a system that is more compact, streamlined and affordable. The Precision 130 is fully compatible with Thermal Dynamics iCNC Performance controller and Intelligent Height Controller (iHC).

“We designed the Precision 130 for users with smaller tables and for those who want to step up from conventional to high-precision plasma cutting,” says Dirk Ott, VP – Global Mechanized Plasma Systems, Thermal Dynamics Automation. The Precision 130 measures 20 x 30 x 34 in. (508 x 762 x 889 mm), so the system can be positioned close to a table when there is limited space available.

Compared to other high-precision plasma power sources that require multiple components (power source, remote arc starter, gas control boxes), the Precision 130 offers the advantage of a complete system with one main enclosure and a very small gas controller. The Precision 130 can cut using all popular high-precision plasma/shielding gas combinations, including Air, O2, N2, H35, H20 (Water Mist Secondary process to optimize non-ferrous cutting) and air/air to lower cutting costs on mild steel. However, only a single plasma/shielding gas combination is possible at a time.

Making the Cut

The Precision 130 system has a cutting output of 130 amps at 100 percent duty cycle It cuts 3/4 in. steel at 52 IPM (20 mm at 1321 mm/min) and 1/2 in. steel at 85 IPM (12 mm at 2159 mm/min). It has a maximum cut) capacity of 1-1/2 in. (40 mm). Like the UC 131, the Precision 130 features a 130-amp Thermal Dynamics XT torch with its SpeedLok consumables cartridge, which allows users to change consumables in seconds. The maximum torch lead length is 50 ft. (15 m).

“The Precision 130 extends the proven performance of Thermal Dynamics Automation to new market segments,” says Ott. The Precision130 can be driven using the TD System Interface App (available in the Apple App store or on Google Play) which offers system process and troubleshooting controls and makes it possible to easily upgrade old cutting tables whose Numerical Control cannot handle complex communication protocols

Thermal Dynamics brings intelligence to the automated plasma table with a suite of fully- integrated components that enable users to orchestrate the fastest cut, best cut and lowest cost per cut regardless of operator experience.

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