Norstat DNS Inclination Switch: Flexible, Accurate And Programable

Norstat now offers an easily programmable, Highly Accurate Inclination Switch with 4 independently adjustable switching outputs .

The DNS INCLINATION SWITCH from M-P Sensor is unique in that it is a very flexible and highly accurate switch due to the fact that it utilizes 4 independently adjustable switching angles as well as a high quality MEMS sensor unit. These switches are also easily and quickly programmed using their menu-driven buttons and displays. They offer fast visual feedback via a display with 4 status and crosshair LED’s. Thanks to the robust IP67 metal housing and the encapsulated electronics, the DNS inclination switch can be used in a wide variety of applications including mobile machines, off road systems and most recently in EV charging stations to cut power if the charging station has been compromised and is not in its normal upright position preventing potentially serious consequences.

The DNS INCLINATION SWITCH has a 4x PNP output signal with NO / NC function and is available with an adjustment range of -85°.. +85° or -45° .. +45° or -10° .. +10°. These switches have an operating voltage of 9 .. 30 VDC and utilizes a M12 8 pole electrical connection. They carry a protection rating of IP 67 and can operate in temperatures from -25° C to +80° C. Contact Norstat for additional information, pricing, and availability.

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