New Rotary Position Sensor Released by Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division announced that it has launched a new non-contact, rotary position sensor from its brand family of Williams Controls.

WM_830_webThe WM-830 is a cost-effective, non-contact rotary position sensor that uses proven Hall-effect technology to provide accurate and reliable measurement of angular position. Its mechanical, ruggedized design offers exceptional levels of performance against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature.

Benefits of the WM-830 rotary position sensor include:

  • Non-contact sensing technology provides a long mechanical life
    Standard 48.5 degrees measurement angle – common for many electronic throttle pedal designs.
  • Interchangeable with the existing WM-810 rotary position sensor.
  • Available with optional PWM outputs and 15- to 360-degree measurement angle.
  • Connects via industry-standard Packard Electric ‘Metri-Pack’ 150 connectorsThe WM-830 operates from a 5Vdc supply and has dual integrated circuits that are electrically isolated to provide two truly independent voltage signals, allowing the host electronics to detect output errors.
  • In the event of connection errors, the sensor outputs enter pre-defined states, providing further integrity.
  • Mechanical engagement with the rotating portion of the sensor is via a slotted cavity.

The sensor is ideal for use by OEMs of on- and off-highway vehicles that are destined for use in challenging environments, and as a cost-effective solution for medium volume applications where a small degree of customization may be required.

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