New Large Facility ACANEO Lighting from Waldmann

New ACANEO – Rugged, Efficient and Flexible LED High Bay

Waldmann Lighting introduces ACANEO, a new high bay luminaire for full ambient illumination of large area facilities with ceilings of up to 100 feet. Waldmann partnered with The Hella Group, another major player in the development and manufacturing of lighting and electronic components worldwide, to develop this innovative product. With advanced LED technology, ACANEO is designed with a modular mounting system that is quick and easy to install.

ACANEOThe thermal heat management system is built in to pull any heat up and away from the light source in order to prevent any overheating of the work or storage area as well as the fixture. Patented lenses offer precise and glare-free illumination for these expansive industrial spaces.
The sealed, closed design and strong, aluminum housing are very effective in protecting the inside mechanics and electronics from dust, humidity, oils or vapors and is proficient in areas where temperatures reach up to 122° F. And with 60,000 hours of maintenance-free operation (L80B10), ACANEO can boast time and energy-efficiency.

Waldmann is offering ACANEO in three versions to enable a truly customized facility environment. Whether lighting a storage area, factory floor or a combination – Waldmann’s ACANEO is the ideal solution.

About Waldmann Lighting
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