Licon Presents Machining Centers AMB 2016

Licon Presents LiFLEX Machining Centers at AMB 2016

Licon presents in Hall 5, Booth D56 at AMB the wide variety of configuration possibilities for its LiFLEX machining centers. Within the family of horizontal, twin spindle and 5-axis machining centers, Licon reaffirms technology leadership once more:

Licon Machining Centers

Three possible loading options

  • Direct Load
  • Double Trunnion
  • Pallet Changer – LiFLEX machining centers are available with all three options and provide the best solution for each particular application

Working envelopes from 400 to 1050 mm:

Whether LiFLEX II 444 with 450 mm or 400 mm, LiFLEX II 766 with 750 mm or LiFLEX II 1066 with 1050 mm spindle distance – for each working envelope Licon has the right size for your requirements.

Twin spindle for heavy-duty applications:

Through the high dynamic stiffness of the LiFLEX high force machining performance is achieved. Heavy-duty applications can easily be performed with these twin spindles – as shown above: portal housings from ZF.

Minimum quantity lubrication MQL

It is well known among successful manufacturers that tool costs can be reduced through MQL. LiFLEX machining centers are designed with this in mind. MQL facilitates reduced costs and, among them e.g. optimized chip removal.

Complete machining in single clamping

For example the suspension knuckle – So far these workpieces have been machined complete in two clampings; resulting in all difficulties related to reclamping errors. Now the LiFLEX concept allows via its specifically designed 5-axis- positioning, machining in single clamping. The working envelope of LiFLEX machining centers has been optimized for this purpose and delivers the extra height needed for upright machining.

Double production in 50% of the changeover time – Licon customers are setting productivity records

Using a pallet changer part changeover is easy to manage. The changeover from one workpiece to another is done in only 20 minutes. Through the integrated zero-point clamping system pallets with clamping fixtures are changed and the first part thereafter that is produced is already in quality. Now the twin spindle machining center is not only the proper solution for high-volume production, but also offers significant cost per part benefits for manufacturers of smaller batches.

Precision Machining:

i³-technology allows this twin spindle to act similar as two independent machining centers:

No compromises required. Those rotation errors are easily facilitated by individual offsets for each spindle. The gain in productivity and space are huge advantages of a twin spindle machining center. The i³-technology is optional, while the i-technology with independent Z-axes is even standard for LiFLEX.

Motor spindle up to 500 Nm

Licon motor spindles range from dynamic to heavy-duty applications. With 500 Nm things get done. Increasingly higher magazine capacities are required to avoid tool changing times and for complex workpieces. The modular LiFLEX system offers solutions up to 240 places.

Machine diagnostics – preventive maintenance

Status analysis is the mandatory requirement for preventive maintenance.LAVA (Licon Added Value Analysis) allows a view into the very heart of the machining center. Recently the Swabian machine builder has developed a sophisticated sensor system in conjunction with analysis software for machine diagnostics.

About Licon mt
Licon mt is a highly regarded supplier of production line systems for the processing of complex components. Our customers are well-known automotive manufacturers and sub-suppliers in America, Asia and Europe. In addition to machine product development, our expertise extends to manufacturing our own machine components as well as system integration and software development. With headquarters in Laupheim, Germany, and subsidiaries in Michigan, USA and Beijing, China, Licon mt has more than 200 employees around the world.

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