KAAST Machine Tools, Inc Presents V-Mill Five-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center 

The V-Mill 600.5X five-axis CNC VMC from KAAST Machine Tools uses a large gantry structure consisting of a base frame, double racks and stable crossbeam to ensure rigidity and cutting performance. This model also features cooled ballscrews combined with high-quality linear roller  guides and a high-speed spindle with ceramic bearings. The 600-mm (23″) worktable diameter can  support up to 400 kg (880 lbs).

The machine has a T-shaped structure and a matching column base width. The table is independently  installed on the base and is fully supported through the entire stroke, enabling high speed along  with stability and precision for such applications as mold and die machining. The structural portions of  the V-Mill 600.5X are made of stress-relieved and heat-treated cast iron.

The 30-tool magazine provides flexibility for milling and drilling applications. The machine  accommodates BT-40 shanks and includes a precision cam drive that achieves ±0.08-mm (0.0032″)  positioning accuracy. The tool change arm is waterproof, preventing coolant from entering the arm  during use. Users also have the option of adding a pallet changer to avoid the downtime associated  with part loading and unloading.

About KAAST Machine Tools, Inc.

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