Indeck’s NEW Saturated & Superheat Boilers Rent/Sale

Indeck Offers Rentals, Lease-to-Own or Stock Inventory Boilers

Indeck, the world’s largest supplier of boiler fleets, offers a range for every need, including skid-mounted and trailer-mounted watertube boilers. Indeck provides a range of services including:

  • boilerOriginal equipment manufacturer for new boilers, either shop-assembled or          modular/field erected designs (gas, oil, solid fuel, bio-mass, HRSG(s)
  • waste heat boilers, hot water generators)
  • Stock boilers and auxiliary equipment
  • Rental boilers, superheat with SCR, generators and boiler auxiliaries
  • Combustion designs with Low NOx, Ultra Low NOx, and SCR systems
  • Controls, BMS systems
  • Aftermarket services (re-tubes, burner retrofits, upgrades, parts, engineering  studies, etc)
  • Turnkey services (service, startup, testing, installation, etc)

About Indeck
Through the experience gained from owning and operating power plants and maintaining the world’s largest boiler rental fleet, Indeck has learned much about boiler design as it relates to real world operation. This along with the historically proven technologies we own, allows us to incorporate design innovations for improved life and reliability into our full line of equipment.

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