Hypneumat Completes a Number of Automated Drilling Projects

Hypneumat, Inc. manufactures an array of automatic drilling units, tapping units and multiple spindle heads under the Hypneumat, Commander and Snow brands. Hypneumat also specializes in contract machining services offering multi-axis turning and vertical machining capabilities.

Here are some of their completed automation solutions:

Tapping Machine with Hypneumat LS36 Unit and Commander multi-spindle head. This machine was built for a plastic manufacturer who incorporated an auto-feed mechanism that loads 2 pieces at a time for unattended operation.


Swaging Machine built by Hypneumat and XL Machine. This machine will swage together a die cast hub and grinding disk. The DQ46 Hypneumat unit is operated with a VFD Hydraulic power unit, laser measurement sensor and HMI programmable controller. Feed rate, swaging force, dwell force and position are continually monitored for consistent operation and repeatability.






Hypneumat FX34 Servo Driven Feed Unit. This 4″ stroke unit was built to perform a boringoperation with indexable tooling. ER40 collet system and coolant through the spindle options were included.



Drill Press Conversion – Before and after pictures. This drill press was retrofitted with a Hypneumat Feed Unit and Opto-Touch controls.





About Hypneumat

In 1942 Earl Putrow, a self-taught inventor living in Northern Wisconsin, was selling motors, belts, pulleys and tooling gadgets through his garage-based company, Putrow Industrial Supply. Earl would display his wares at all key trade shows. At these shows, he would bring along a showpiece item he dubbed “The Hypneumat”. The Hypneumat was cleverly coined from three existing words: hydraulic, pneumatic and automatic. Over the years, the accuracy and durability of the units have been improved, and the same sturdy, simple design of Earl Putrow’s original Hypneumat is found at the heart of the more than a dozen basic designs and countless customizations available.

Hypneumat takes pride in the well-trained craftsmen and journeymen machinists who work at Hypneumat. Personal pride and integrity are part of every operation, from order taking to shipping.

For more information, visit www.hypneumat.com