Guill Offers Extrusion Equipment for Food Processing

Guill Tool, the global leader in extrusion tooling, now offers a wide variety of extrusion equipment specifically for food processing.

Extrusion is increasingly becoming one of the primary methods of producing a variety of traditional and innovative food products, and the company’s extrusion tooling is designed to accommodate producing all of them. From pastas, hot dogs and snack foods to chewing gum, licorice and pet food, Guill’s balanced flow designs control dimensional tolerances in order to increase product quality while reducing waste.

GuillCustom made extrusion tooling and dies make it easy to efficiently and consistently manufacture a variety of food products. More precise tooling allows for considerably reduced wasted extrudate. Furthermore, Guill’s extrusion tooling enables precise temperature control, allowing food to be manufactured under both high and low temperatures.

Typical end products include pelletizing heads, profile dies, large diameter, rotary heads, flexible, simple and standard crosshead, Spiderless and the Bullet™. The 100 Series offers single or multi-strand extrusion tooling with or without multi-layer capabilities. Optional custom design is also available. The 200 Series ensures improved tolerance and accuracy at increased production speeds, with greater product consistency and reduced waste. The 2000 Series large diameter inline heads feature a low volume flow, heated core pin and can be expanded to output multi-layer products.

GuillIntended to increase tube wall strength, the 300 Series heads achieve concentric heads at all speeds. Additional features are low inventory/quick color change and elimination of secondary stage processing. The company’s 600 Series crosshead offer flexibility in design and extruder orientation with split balanced flow, while the 700 Series is fully adjustable and accepts existing tooling.

Guill’s 800 Series simple crosshead can be configured to be fixed center or adjustable, featuring built-in cartridge heaters and a low volume split feed balanced flow. The 900 Series Spiderless in-line head offers simplicity and fewer parts with a low volume split balanced flow. Lastly, the Bullet™ is suitable for high and low-volume applications and are accommodated with the simple, easy changing of just one component.

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