E-Z Lok Helical Thread Inserts and Kits for Soft Metals

E-Z Lok, a leading manufacturer and master distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood, offers E-Z Coil™ and thread repair kits.

Wire or helical coil threaded inserts quickly repair or reinforce tapped holes in soft metals. Made from 18-8 stainless steel wire, these helical coil inserts are corrosion resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 800°F. Furthermore, they offer corrosion resistance and protection from wearing and stripping.

E-Z Coil™ helical insert coils are manufactured by forming the stainless steel wire into a diamond shape and then winding it into a spring. Prior to installation, the insert diameters are larger than the tapped hole.  During installation, the insert diameter of the helical coil insert is reduced, allowing the insert to thread into the hole. Once properly installed, the radial pressure of the released insert holds the insert firmly in place.

Thread Repair kits are available in both standard and economy, and in a variety of sizes. Each Economy E-Z Coil™ Thread Repair kit includes a set of inserts, an STI tap, and an installation tool. The standard kit also includes a tang break tool and drill bit.

About E-Z Lok

E-Z Lok is a leading manufacturer and master distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood. Inserts for metal include solid wall and helical wire-thread inserts, while inserts for plastic feature press-in and ultrasonic/heat stake designs. Those for wood are die cast zinc alloy hex drives for soft wood and brass knife threads for hard wood. A variety of kits for the above inserts are available and feature installation tools, drill bits, etc.

E-Z Lok is a third-generation family owned and operated company. Founded in 1956, it primarily sells through local, regional, and national industrial distributors.

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