Cincinnati Incorporated Introduces The New PRO Suite as the Next Generation Of Software Automation

Cincinnati Incorporated, an Ohio-based company, has just announced their new PRO Suite of software: BendSim PRO and Nesting PRO.

This new generation of software comes with an advanced set of features and functionality that surpasses CI’s past offerings. Customers currently programming offline can now experience improved offline programming efficiency–more programs created with the same number of programmers. Additionally, for those customers not yet using programs created offline, ready-to-run programs allow the workforce in the shop to operate more productively with standardized operations and less manual setup.

With Cincinnati’s PRO Suite, you can make highly accurate simulations offline, cut and bend more precisely, and manage your workflows more efficiently.


The new generation of BendSim PRO provides the ability to plan and simulate parts for your press brake forming operations offline without interrupting the productivity of your Cincinnati PC control press brake. You can pick your best simulation and automatically generate the best program for use on the shop floor.

Standardized work is the key. A single program for each part helps reduce variance, produce consistent quality, ease workflows, and standardize products in the shop. BendSim PRO can also be networked with other machines and can retrieve certified programs from a network storage folder—complete with the graphic simulation of the forming operation.

Learn more about BendSim PRO.


  • One seat of Bendsim PRO software and one post-processor for a Cincinnati press brake
  • Flat file import (DXF, DWG) and 3D file import (SLDPRT, STEP, SAT, IGS, X_T)
  • 2D CAD flat creation and editing
  • Automated tooling choice and station placement in simulation
  • Simulate forming of the 3D part with advanced capabilities (heel-end interference, part passing)
  • Click and drag finger movement
  • Set up sheets with “turn by turn” graphics
  • Creates the program automatically for your chosen/preferred simulation
  • Automated batch processing of solids or “smart flats”


This next generation of Nesting PRO provides the ability to supercharge your nested laser parts with software automation and optimized NC code that makes your Cincinnati Incorporated laser operate at top performance.

Nesting PRO gives you the ability to convert flat files and 3D models individually or with batch automation. You can also library your converted files for efficient nested programs created either via manual entry or automatically from prepared text file instructions. And optional interfaces are available with most ERP systems (inquire about availability).


  • One seat of Nesting PRO software and one post-processor for a Cincinnati laser
  • Flat file import (DXF, DWG) and 3D file import (SLDPRT, STEP, SAT, IGS, X_T)
  • 2D CAD flat creation and editing
  • Automatic true shape part nesting for optimal material utilization
  • Selectable time limitation for nesting
  • Advanced Common line cutting
  • Fly cutting routines
  • Rules-based tabbing (wire joints)
  • Rules-based slug cut up
  • Basic material inventory management
  • Estimating and Quoting Package

Learn more about Nesting PRO.